I am going to be in Chaing Mai in July 2011, what is there to do / see. I have a spare day in between tours, any ideas welcome . THANKS


City: Chiang Mai

Province: Chiang Mai

Country: Thailand


1. If you haven't done it yet, do some elephant riding (Mae Daeng, about 50 km to the north from CNX might be a good place).
2. If you haven't done it yet, meet the tigers in person at "Tigers Kingdom" (about 15 km to the north).
3. If you haven't done it yet, take a return flight to Maehongson and soak in the atmosphere of a predominantly Shan-Burmese city.
4.If you haven't done it yet, go by songtaeow (pickup truck or motorcycle) up to Doi Inthanon, Thailand highest mountain.
5. If you have fallen in love with Thai temples, explore the inner walled city of CNX for its marvelous temples.
Wilfried once again has offered a complete answer. I would also add that maybe a motorcycle tour would be fun, or elephant rides at can find them here at
Have fun.
You could find the temple right on the river (which I can't think of the name of). There is a boat landing there and you can take a relaxing trip up the river, visiting vegetable farms & such. Lunch (at one of these farms) is included.
Pls read Wilfried top advices; and I add:
6. If you haven't done/seen yet, visit Doi Suthep Temple.
Wat Suandok Buddhist temple, the biggest Vihara is very interesting.Walking Street also a good place to see.Don't forget to bring an umbrella because it is our rainy season. the air will be clean and the trees are green.W
welcome to ChiangMai.
There are lots of places to visit, from extremely adventuring stuffs to deep relaxing activities like Thai Lanna Massage.
I was born here and I've been making a lot of new foreign friends who loves to travel and visit Chiang Mai :) I could imagine what the tours might take you to though, too bad I'm not going to be in Thailand after I graduate (leaving for China at the beginning of march) or else it'll be possible for me to take you around.

So here are some lists I make for you, about things you shouldn't miss if you're here :
Thai Lanna Food !! ~ Try to have it like local. Trust me, the feelings would be different and you'll enjoy the real taste of Thai Lanna Food. For example Sticky Rice, Chili paste (which has lots of kind, good with Blanched vegetables and Kab Moo). What I've said might be hard to imagine and still lots of things for you to try out so here

Don't know if you like to like to hang out at night, if you do, I really would like to recommend you these places which are my top favorites;
The Riverside Bar and Restaurant ~ Amazing live band good food(always play musics from the top charts), Warm Up Cafe (a good place to dance!) and after the pubs are closed, enjoy the best midnight fried chicken in town and it's totally cheap.

Shopping for local stuffs and souvenirs. Don't forget to visit the walking street, which has 2 days though, Wua Lai Walking Street (Sat.) and Sunday Walking Street (Sun.)

Out from Chiang Mai but still near by (no more than 3 hours) you can visit Chiang Rai, MaeHongson - Pai ~ Which are mostly about nature and cultural.
And a lot more (afraid that it's gonna be way too long).

So, if you have any questions/need help or suggestions you can e-mail me or check out my pictures where I've been visit on my facebook, cus i like to travel and also love taking photos.

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