Anyone know if it is normal to rent a vacation house without a formal lease agreement? Will have proof of payment, emails - is that enough?

Will have booking confirmation document with dates and prices too. Just want to make sure this seems normal. Duration is a one month term. Thanks!


City: Christchurch

Region: Canterbury

Country: New Zealand


Yes this is not a problem in NZ. During the worldcup many private homes are being rented out and no formal agreement are signed. However having an email confirmation is as good as a legal contract. If you booked it through a website, let me know which one and happy to investigate if it is not a bad herring.
I have used a lot of private holiday homes for my own vacations and always had just an email or writting confirmation by mail and payment receipts. Travelled to the Netherlands earlier this year and rented a home for 4 weeks with just a confirmation email. We made 50% deposit and paid balance on arrival.
Let me know if I can help to put your mind further at ease. Elsbeth
Perfect! Thanks for your help again - that puts my mind at ease. This website and supporters are so great to get local information. Feel like I have new friends in New Zealand!!
I live in Christchurch. This is normal for short term rentals. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.
Thanks that's so good to have confirmation and local experience. I appreciate your help!
although this has been answered - there's also "Living Space" in Christchurch which does short-medium-long term rentals without requiring furniture. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck!
Yes, just be sure you have any receipts or related paperwork or can print them off as needed and you will be fine.

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