Do you like to visit clubs, pubs, discos and rave joints while in Nairobi? If so, what are your favourite?


City: Nairobi

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Nairobi boasts a variety of great clubs, pubs, discos and rave joints. They are located at key shopping centres all over the province.
They include in Hurlie: Sailors, Coco J, Casa Blanca, Brew Bistro, Sierra Lounge, Blancos, Caribana, Red Sea, Alfajiri, etc.
In westlands: Bachus lounge, the loft, rezorous, black diamond, psys, Mecury Lounge, SkyLux etc
In Langata: Rafikis, Psys, Kengeles, cockpit et
In Karen: Double Inn, Blix, etc
thats so true!!! i second Michael
i too second you on that esp hurli..sailors is ma place
Nice choice Michael...
Well but am not a fun of all these i relay on gospel and lacking time for unless its a hotel.
To mention a few places that includes clubs,pubs, discos and rave joints consider this ones:-

Nairobi town centre: Simmers, Club 360, Hunters and Winkers
Along Mombasa Rd: Choma base
Embakasi: Sherlocks Den
Thanks for sharing all this ,Looking at the pattern of our existence from birth to death, we can see the way in which we are fundamentally nurtured by other's affection
Modern Green Bar: Spend a day getting bladdered
Not what it used to be but still one of my favourite bars in Nairobi, Kenya or the world.The Green is situated on Latema road just the wrong side of town but near enough to the centre of Nairobi. The first time I entered the Green it was standing room only, these days it is not as busy, but get in there on a weekend at the end of the month when pay packets have just been opened finding a seat is not so easy. It wasn’t so long ago that this place used to be open 24 hours a day. In those days you could quite happily drink through the night sometimes not realising it was morning till the paper boys came around the tables selling that morning’s paper. In recent years the door is closed at midnight weather there are people inside or not, the bouncer on the door will open the door when you are ready to stagger home.The Green Bar is also known as the mortuary not becaose half the customers spend the night comatose untill the first bus leaves in the morning but because that is what this place used to be. I've also heard it called 'MGB' or in the days of the former president 'Moi Girls'!There is serious building work going on at the moment above Nairobi's finest drinking establishment which will soon become Green Court Hotel, where they are planning to have bed and breakfast accomadation. Very handy.Its also worth going into the Green just to see the Jukebox. Put yer 20 bob in and watch a Ken Wa Maria vid.
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Beside Florida in town a good one with variable entertainements is Carnivore on the way to Wilson Airport. There is ZEEP, Bettyz, Seasons, Tacos, Black Havanna, Black Diamon and many more.
i like areas around hurlingam like tamasha, westlands black diamond, and the likes of bettys in the city center .
Nairobi boasts with the finest clubs in East Africa. One of such clubs is the famous Carnivore Simba Saloon.
Weekends at the Simba Saloon offer a different genre of music to cater for fans of contemporary African music, rock, soul, jazz, Old Skool, and the latest hits. The Simba Saloon hosts some of the best local and international musicians. Security is up to the maximum and parking is ample.
The all time favourite club in Nairobi is the Carnivore.

Within the Westlands surburbs, Sohos, Black Diamond and Red Tape are also very nice clubs.
Enjoy Wonderful Glimpse of Nairobi Nightlife

Nightlife in Nairobi is very vibrant and is mostly related to the numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs which can be found all over the city. Nairobi is a city that never sleeps; the rhythm is fast, day and night. Nairobi nightlife bustles with activity. You can enjoy a night out at one of the many Nairobi clubs, watch a movie or have dinner in a fine restaurant. At night, Nairobi offers abundant entertainment options catering to different interests. Nairobi nightlife traditionally starts at bar first, since the clubs and discos in Kenya don’t get busy until around midnight and don’t close until the sun rises.

Several clubs in many parts of Nairobi offer "cultural nites" which feature music, traditional foods and drinks from some of Kenya's main ethnic communities. This provides an excellent opportunity to the tourists, basically the foreigners to see Kenyans unplugged and hear the biggest local music acts. Nightlife in Nairobi has more in store with its movie theaters, casinos, restaurants, cafes and bars. Several hotels have clubs and bars on their premises making it easy for their guests to enjoy the nightlife. There is enormous scope of enjoying nightlife here. Nairobi nightlife can be enjoyed at the fullest with drinks and getting down and dirty at the beats of the local and international Dj's. Entry fees to clubs of Nairobi are low and prices inside reasonable.

Here are some of the popular places where you can enjoy nightlife of Nairobi:

» Club Barn: Situated on Ngong Road inside the Ngong RaceCourse, Club Barn offers a host of activities. It consists of 3 main areas: The upper Foyer, Bonfire Patio and Main Bar.

» Florida 2000 Discotheque: The popular disco of Florida 2000 Discotheque, also well-known as 'F2', is located on Moi Avenue.

» Havana Restaurante and Bar: The Latin style cocktail bar serves a wide selection of drinks.

» Modern Green Day and Night Club and Friendship Corner: The pubs serve a wide selection of drinks in a relaxed setting.

» New Florida Nightclub: The popular club is an ideal place to enjoy the live music.

» Pango (F3): Located on Moi Avenue, this cocktail lounge attracts a lot of expats, tourists and upper class Nairobians.

» Pavement: Its main attraction is the lively nightclub. There is a dance floor on bottom level and 2 bars inside the lounge..

» Simba Saloon: It has perhaps the nicest discotheque in Nairobi.

» Zanze Bar: The club on Moi Avenue in the Kenya Cinema Plaza is frequently visited by local people and also a favorite among the tourists..

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With regards

for me I prefer game parks,museums and the like but for my client's I do help them by advising them to visit brew bistro,simba saloon,buffer park or k2 .
one the night clubs is undisputed thes another kosewe and restaurant intercon
i like clubbing at choma base along mbs rd, others are maggies, hunters grill and tropez
yes myy fav joints are mowtown,rafikis,phys in langata and while in town the other joints are hunters and ranalos
Hi Ian,
Well once in a while I love to go out, the places I love to visit are the Sherlocks Den, very nice place situated on Ngong Road at Nakumatt Prestige, the good thing about the place it is a 24hour running business, drinks and food any time of the day. They also have special says like Thirsty Thursday where u buy one drink and get one free, Karookee nights on Fridays. Basically it is my kind of place to chill with friends.
For Rave, I would say the Carnivore great place as well and lots to eat and all types of meat as well.
The Florida 2000 is another great club where I can dance the night away as well.
The Village Market is another favorite where u can drink and eat as well.
I do not frequently visit clubs but i can i can say Nairobi clubs are the best clubs in the Country. They offer very good entertainment.
I usually go to clubs especially when i am taking travelers out for a night.
I like clubs because they relieve me from stress and make me feel free and nice
Yap i do like going to clubs and club Riviera is ma favourite club
Yes i do.
My favourite spot is Psys Langata
Olepolos is my favourite joint out of town along Magadi Road some few kilometers from Town.. enjoy
Westy;Black Diamond, Havanna, psys, loft my selection is based on my experience with their entrance security. Within town. Not really recommendable because of the safety factor! maybe jockey club Hilton for kareokey friday,but drinks are a bit expensive.Secrets lounge in the uptown area is really nice on Fridays, . Harligham; Coco j, Alfajiri really relaxed joints...Clubbing and rev's in Nairobi is funny you just have to club hopp to have a good night never stay in one place for more than an hour. Thursday, Friday, Saturday...Nothing beats a night you go all Vicarious fulfill all your kinky desires!!! Cheers!
tropez is my place
to be specific i like clubs eg frolida 2000,black diamond,skippers,villagers.
Nairobi has many places to go for clubbing,
Nairobi is the best with peoples joint clubs and where you can rave all night long.

As a social person;
In downtown: wallets, hornbills,tacos, maggies etc
In westlands: black diamond and rezorous, galileo also a great place to hang out etc
In umoja: we have visa place,hornbill ,etc
And the best plae to have nyama choma canival in Langata

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