Hi thanks for your answer on Christchurch - to provide more details we are looking to either stay for the month of Sept. in CHC. There are

two of us, but we expect to have some visitors - or if there is a cool town somewhere accessible to Christchurch for the RWC games we could stay outside the vicinity and just come in for games. If we do the latter we were wondering if there is a nice town/area with its own vibe and restaurants, etc. We've been finding prices on rental houses extremely expensive - we got one quote for 60,000 for the month! Others are 1250NZ and up a week. We knew it would be in demand and pricey, but not as much as we are seeing. So, looking for some fresh ideas if you have any more.. Really appreciate your help! We are mid to late 40's and kind of upscale style.


City: Christchurch

Region: Canterbury

Country: New Zealand


Yes it is a problem during the worldcup. Perhaps consider Methven which is driveable from Christchurch if you want to come in just for the games. It is a little Ski resort so a good range of accommodation to choose from.
The other suggestion I had, but it i out in the country so no bars and restaurants but the scenery will be amazing, so perhaps it is an idea for just a few days, not the whole month is Glenthorne Station. . Methven would be the closest village to this station.
Have you looked at Akaroa Peninsula at all?

Have you checked out any of these websites for private accommodation?

Hope this helps.
Thanks Elsbeth - your website recommendation was great - I hadn't found those before. Ended up finding something reasonable from another website but, will also use these for others areas of the NZ we will be looking to visit. Thanks so much!
That is fantastic news. Enjoy NZ and the Workd Cup. It is a lovely time to visit and hope that there are still lots of spring lambs darting around the paddocks.
As you probably want to stay in touch with friends and family don't forget to sort out your mobile phone sim cards. It is cheaper to get a local sim,rather than paying global roaming charges.Have a look at for a great comparison of what is available. Happy to answer any other questions.
I'm surprised at the rental prices in chch. Akaroa is a good solution, but means you have a narrow windy hill to drive over after the game!

have you contacted the chch isite (chch/Canterbury tourism) for more info.

Ashburton is 50 miles south -- a rural town, could be a good choice, or Rangoria (20 miles) or Kaiapoi 10 miles.
Thanks Heather we actually finally found a reasonable rental in CHC so, we are all set. Thanks for your insight/recommendations we really appreciate everyone's help. Best to you!

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