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Rafael, You were my tour guide last year in March. I'm back in Brazil and unfortunely I will not travel to Rio this time. but 2 of my collegues are. They will arrive on Friday August 28th to Rio and would like to have a tour on Saturday August 29th or Sunday 29th. I recommended you to them and therefore I would like to ask if you are available on either of the mentioned days to give the beautiful tour I had last year. Please let me know on the following email adress: as soon as possible so that they can make their arrangements accordingly. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Jorgen westbroek


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Dear mr. Westbroek...

thanks for you recalling last years experience.

Saturday, august the 29th would be perfect....

I will contact you per email accordingly....

Kind regards...

Niels J. Petersen
Looks like we're all made suckers here ...
Hello Jorgen!
Great to hear that!
You can ask them to send me an email to and i let them know the avaiability of the days!
all the best!
thanx for the reccomendation once again!
Hi Jorgen

Rafael's email is Rafael Lopes Suggest you contact him directly. If you or your friends need great places to stay while here in Brazil, check out


You seem to have succeeded in contacting the guide you had so I wish your colleagues a lovely tour of spectacular Rio
Dear Mr Westbroek,

I'm afraid I'm not the person you think I am - I happen to be from Sao Paulo. However, if you are/come here and happen to need a professional interpreter for business or pleasure reasons feel free to contact me at

kind regards
Charlie Flesch
Hi, Jorgen;
Wow, you seem to have had lots of guides.
Yet, I, for the heck of it, can't remember ever having introduced myself as Rafael.
Yes, I am available on either date.
+55 21 4101.6304/-8163.9044
Hi! I hope you found your last year guide and will enjoy your time in Rio! I'm a guide in Curitiba, Paraná! Abraços
Well it will be a pleasure help your friends! I live in Copacabana Beach and i would like to show the best places! Better when they arrived, ask me for more details! There are several places,restaurants,gardens...
I hope you had found your guide, if not you can contact me and I call some friends mine who live there to go with your friends to the nice places there.
I agree with Jimmy...looks like we're all been made hicks off - hope you found your guide ...and thanks for your kind reply ( though I never received it) ..

best regards to all colegues -

Did he find his guide????
well u could contact me...i live here in rio.thats if they still around.take care
Yes, you found me!!! and we had a great time!!!
Keep in touch!!!
How was your day in Rio!?
I am really sure you had fun in Brazil.

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