how do i get to the central station from the airport by train? can I walk from the central station to the Van Gogh museum?


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


there are trains from Schiphol to the centrale station. You can have a look at the timetable here
As far as I remember the museum is a bit far from the station, you could use the tram. There is the tourism office in front of the station, you can ask there for further information.
Rosario gave the right information, but if you want the recent information, just click on this link: "" and then fill in your own preferences. The airport is called Schiphol and has its own station. For the other station you fill in Amsterdam Central. Walking is not a problem at all in Amsterdam, almost everything is close. But you could be quicker by taking the trams and buses. which is really easy, just ask the toursim office or the "VVV" as it is named in dutch.
Just a word of advice. At Schiphol airport you pay an extra 50 cents per ticket booking at the counter rather than the machine. However at the machine the default quick ticket for tourists arriving is for a 'comfort' class, which is first class, and almost double the price. Therefore, skip the first screen and type in your ticket sort.

Van Gogh is too far to walk from Central Station if you have luggage. About 2 km. If you're out for the day though, without heavy bags, it's no problem. You can take a tram from central station. See the blog on public transport in Amsterdam for an explanation.

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