Hallo! How can i get from Munich airport to Nuernberg Hbg(railwaystation) on 08.10.09 between 18.00-20.00


Country: Germany


Dear Julia,

You can get at from Munich Airport to Nuernburg as follows:

departure - arrival
18.02 - 19.57
18.22 - 20.31
18.51 - 20.57
20.02 - 21.57

If you book now, the ticket costs EUR 29.00 ("Spezialpreis", Sonderangebot - special price limited); otherwise it is EUR 53.00.

I hope, I could help. Otherwise or further questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me.

Hi, you can use German Rail's online portal in English:

Double-check and see which Terminal you're arriving at the Munich Airport.
The best option would be to buy "Bayern Ticket", it comes under the option of Laender ticket....but then you can travel with regional trains only.
If you are alone, it would cost you 20 Euro, but for a group ticket (2 to 5 max) it will cost you 28 Euro.
Else , if you want to travel with ICE, I would suggest buy the ticket right now, which might be available for 29 Euro/person.

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