December in Rio

Hi :-) I will be staying for 3 weeks in Rio in December, which will include both Christmas and New year, I would really like to get to know your city and have some fun there. It would be really nice to meet some local to do some sight seeing and some late night partying with. If you are interested please send me a mail, Thanks ! Andy


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Cool.I am local tourist guid eand I am able to make you a good offer to show you around my city.Are you staying ina hotel or are you renting an apartment.Keep in touch
hi :-)

thanks for your reply, i will be renting an apartment in copacabana, on Rua freitas

Hi Andy!

There are a lot to see in Rio...and lot to party as well. Check out our blog for some tips. Shortly we will publish second part of our Rio Blog post, with tittle what to see and what to do. Keep connected!
Hi Andy, Brazil in December is a good choice, it's summertime. Brazilians often begin their vacations some days after X-mas. I'm not a local to Rio, so keep in touch with some people living there. I only suggest y to make some trips, for example to Bahia, or Minas Gerais, Ilha Grande, instead of spending the whole time in Rio! Enjoy Brazil! Best wishes, TOM
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info, I wonder if you could tell me some airlines in brazil so i might travel around a little?

many thanks in advance

Hi Andy, I am not near Rio so I really can't help you but you really ought to come with a friend. Be very careful. You can't just trust anyone in Rio or many other cities here off the street to show you around. A word of advice. Foreigner are prey in cities in Brazil like Rio, Recife etc. Go to your hotel and ask the desk clerk for a guide. They know many dependable, professional guides.Doing it here isn't a great idea. Brazil is a wonderful place. I live here because I love it here. The people here are very friendly but you can't trust everyone like you are used to doing where you are from.
Hi Andy!

Welcom to great Rio - I'm Danish and I've decided to live in Rio - at least for some years. I have been to Rio several times and always have had a great experience.

The best think you can do is to come here and then hang around in the nightlife... it's pretty easy to meet new people though some of the girls may have a hidden agenda (either as a prostitute or as a an opportunist looking for a better life outside of Brazil).... so keep your eyes open and be critical.

Having said this just have fun - there're many nice bars, restaurants and a very active nightlife in Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon and Lapa. No doubt about this. You will also be able to find several offers from tourist agencies walking along the beach. They have local sales people selling different trips to foreigners - normally you'll have an English speaking guide in a minivan - I can't remember the price but it's inexpensive to joing a small group of 8 - 10 people seeing Sugar Loaf, Christ, Maracana (football arena), Sambodromo (Carnival) etc.

Another good site to meet locals would be Orkut (like Facebook) - - make a profile (free) and look for some groups from Rio and connect.

Have a good stay - hopefully you'll like it here. Once you're here feel free to contact me and I'll try to give you some hints on where to go and what do do. For free, of course!

Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Andy- If you are thinking of going to other places in Brazil check out flights with TAM and GOL. TRIP is often cheaper but you can't use a foreign credit card. Can't on GOL either unless you are booking from a non- Brasilian computer and can get onto the international site.

For great places to stay check out , or go into , or from this site for the best prices. Boa viagem, Alison
Hi, Andy! From December 26 to January 2nd, it's going to happen in Rio the Couchsurfing - 1st Pan-American Meeting. It's a great opportunity to know better CS philosophy, people and Rio de Janeiro. ;)

Hi Lysmar!

Thats a great site, i had never heard of it until now, i will definatley check it out, thanks!

I have two more sites for you where you'll find many local contacts - for free:

Both of them are social sites where you can search for profiles.

DON'T TELL PEOPLE YOUR ADDRESSS and DON'T GIVE THEM flight details. Say you live in Copacabana close to the Metro more or less and then meet them at a bar and/or talk to them via msn and see their face.

Be careful my friend!
Hi Thomas,

Your advice has been incredibly helpful! thank you so much!

Well, Andy. I see some 'colleagues' of mine have already offered their services. You might want to be a bit careful with regard to whose services you accept (the repliers from Rio are strangers to me, although I've been in the business for 23 years). Why don't you just give me a ring [+55(0")21-4101.6304/-8163.9044] when in Rio, and I'll counsel you. Authentically! Who knows, we'll even end up friends.
Besides: My English is fluent!
More of me here:
Hi Andy December will be hot here and good time to spend in Rio. If you like I can offer you some Rio like a native tours with a private car and go to places only the carioca natives go. Beaches, samba, Corcovado and sugar loaf, Lapa. etc. Keep in touch and tell me if are interested in these tours. If you want to know Rio like a native just send me an email.
Hey Andy, what's up! I am not from Rio, I am from Florianopolis (Floripa). If you are going to stay 3 weeks in Brazil, don't spend the whole 3 weeks in just one place! Try other places, like Florianopolis, for example! Here is a island, with 42 beaches, many hot parties and hot girls! I think you will love it too!


Good afternoon Andy! You'll be my neighbor here lol
It would be a pleasure to help you. I know some clubs to party and all these things.
If u wanna my help, just let me know.
Hi Andy....after reading all these such called advices, I would tell you to be careful with the people who are telling you to be careful with this that and the other.....I have lived in Rio for 50 years, am a foreigner myself, a professional Tourmanager.
Take the advice of my colegue Jimmy Havelock - and give either him or me a buzz per ....and we'll be happy to advice and help you.
Braz. girls in Copacabana are NOT prostitutes or just wanting to have a better life......boys and girls here are friendly, welcoming, hospitable and will do all to make your stay interesting......I'll be glad to help you with whatever doubts you might have.....welcome to RIO in a POSITIVE way!
Olá Andy Rio nesta época do ano que pretende visitar e perfeito, temos os fogos de artifício que o reveion e maravilhoso para não falar das praias que são perfeitos
You are welcome to My hometown...You will be in one of most beautiful cities of the world with a beautiful landscapes,beaches,gardens...Rio is fantastic and amazing city! Will you stay in Paula Freitas street? It is located in Copacabana Beach nearest Siqueira Campos and Santa Clara street.
Visit this web page and try .:
There are a several useful information about Rio De Janeiro!
I hope you enjoy this wonderful city as named by worldwide tourists!
please don't come here with the wrong impression.
Anywhere in the world you have to be careful with anyone that you meet. I'll give you an example, I went to NY last year, and I bought a laptop, and I took the subway to go home, and some guys were talking and pointing at me, and I was ready to leave the train, they came around me, but I faced them(I used to have jiu-jitsu classes since I was 12), then they notice that if they were thinking that it would be easy, it won't. I'm not telling you to act the same, I'm just telling you that this kind of situation can happen anywhere in the world, people are freaking you out, but you are a grown up and you know that you cannot trust everyone. We have good and decent people too, try to talk with your friends and check with them if they know someone here that could introduce you to people that would do no harm to you. Rio de Janeiro is a great place to visit, many beautiful places, come and enjoy it. About places to visit, you know? The basics...
Try this website:
Be well, take care.
P.S.: Don't let anyone freak you out. Take care, but, enjoy it.
Hi Andy,
I wanted to apologize for painting such a bleak picture for you. I apologize also if anyone thinks I generalized. Rio is a great place and for sure a great place to party. The beaches, the people and the sights are wonderful The first time I came to Brazil I went to Sugar loaf mountain. It was beautiful. You will have no problem with finding things to do for sure. December and January are the peak months there and people are extremly friendly. Once again accept my apologies for the harseness. I just worry for newcomers. Just use commen sense and have a great time. It will be a great and memorable vacation (holiday) for you. You won't want to leave. You may even want to come back and stay. The suggestions and links that have been given to you should definitely be enough to get you familiar with rio. Have a wonderful trip.
Hi Andy<
I read some of suggestions, and if you decide to go north of Brazil you should plane tickets in your country (because its cheaper)
have fun
Come to Sao Paulo instead. Rio is awfully dangerous, especially on holidays.
hi Andy!
There are many nice places here for you know: Sugar Loaf, beaches, Lapa (night clubs), Santa Teresa e some cites close from Rio like Niterói, Angra dos Reis and Paraty.
If you need a friend here, get in touch:
I speak French also, pas trés bien, mais un peu. Quand tu venir, je parlerai mieux!Bises!
Hi Andy,
I am answering youlate , I see you have many good advice from other collegues , Rio is wonderful and magical , first time I come to Brasil was in Rio and then rented a car andtravelled around , Buzius, Ilha Grande, Parati, Petropolis , all worth while , I returned To brazil one month after I hd returned to Europe and bought my first house in Varem Grande in Rio , I was in love with Brasil and had to find a way of organizing my lifeso as to actually live here , which is what I have done !! but no need to add to what has been said by others , you will certainly not lack fun , exciting andinteresting things to do and experience.
Have a wonderful time !!
Hello Andy
Take a look in a friend of mine website full of information about what to do in rio

Many tips about rio!
all the best!
Hallo Andy,

Velocitas Travel Services can not only help you throughout your stay in Rio but also with any travel service you may need.
We are professionals, not amateurs, and our guides are all certified by MinTur. (The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism)

Check us out at
Hi Andy!

I am from Rio but I am currently living in the US. I will be back home by new year until the 15th of january, so if you want we can meet there. Add me to facebok and we can keep comunicating. regards, Luiz Figer
well am a tourist guide but unfortunately this time i will be out of brazil because i will be on holiday as well...but i must say rio is a very nice and beautiful state...i bet u will like it.
Hi Andy
I recommend the Terrasse Hostel in Ipanema.

55 11 22476130
one block from the Ipanema beach and some rooms do have the beach view from the hostel.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I worked there haha
Hope you have the time of your life as I had there
my email is
Hello Andy. My name is Daniel and I live in Rio de Janeiro, copacabana beach. Tell me where and when you´d like to stay and I can make a package for you. Since 2006, I have worked for foreigners and students, specially from Norway, getting a place for staying, sports and cultural activities, transportation, etc...
Just send a e-mail to and I can give you many options for a good and cheapest trip in Rio de Janeiro, for example. See u.
Hi Andy,
I'm a guide in Rio for outdoor activities. I can take you climbing or hiking the main touristic attractions like Corcovado or Sugarloaf, exploring the Tijuca Forests and its pics and the wild beaches around Rio. Get in touch if it could interest you. have a good time!
Please come back to rio and see more great places!
Wow december here is a magic time, high summer, lots of fun in the beaches!

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