Is it beter to stay in centarl Cairo or near the pyramids on a 3 day visit


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


It is a trade-off and it depends. The two options could be equally good. If you are planning to see more pyramid-wise, Saqqara, Dahsure and Giza, then pyramids.

If you are planning to explore more down-town Cairo; the Egyptian Museum, the Islamic Museum, the Palace City of Cairo then Central Cairo.

Let me sum this up. Two days of Pyramids and its surroundings, then stay around the pyramids, else stay downtown!

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Ahmed Seddik
Dear Sir,
Ofcourse its better to stay downtown
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Hi - really it doesn't matter too much although staying near the pyramids is convenient for visiting Alexandria, Fayoum, Giza, Dahshur, Saqqara, Meidum etc., means less time in the vehicle :-) Staying loser into town is great for walking to places,dependent on where you are, access to the Metro and attractions like the Museum, Old Cairo. In saying that though sometimes it is quicker taking the Ring Road from Giza to some spots that getting through Downtown traffic:-)

Have a wonderful holiday

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel

Dear Sir/Ms.
With all the respect to all opinions regarding where u should stay I see it does not make any difference where u stay because by arranging a good program u can visit most of the areas in Cairo and the maximum time u will consume from area to another is 2 hours driving which is very normal here in Cairo.
All what u need to do is to get some 1 who can arrange a good site tours for u either by renting a company to help u do it or by getting an escort friend to do it.
But as long that ur visit is only for 3 days u have to focus on certain areas depending on ur way of thinking and age too.
My recommendation to u is to visit the pyramids, the museum, citadel, Cairo tower, Khan El-Khalily market and maybe enjoy some little time in the car through ancient Cairo.
I can help u on preparing this tour 4 u, but I ll do it as a friend because this is not my job and maybe by that time I can think of something more than what I suggested depending on the time u have.
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I wish u a pleasant stay and happy touring.
I agree with most of my fellow Egyptians . depends what you want to see and be near to he most .. yet the weather is a lot better , drier near he Pyramids , and if it is the first time for you to visit hem .. then Pyramids i is .. enjoy their magic and magnificence as much as you could .

Have a wonderful visit and a Happy New Year
near the pyramid as it s quieter & if u want to go downtown it is quicker taking the Ring Road from Giza to some spots that getting through Downtown traffic
hey, it depends what you like to see but out of cairo is better, and within 20 minutes through the ring road you will be by cairo. this is the best choice you should take. any assistance in cairo or anywhere we welcome to help.
It'd better if you stay in downtown in order to be able to walk around the area in the evening besides you can visit more highlights from downtown instead of the Pyramids area. Even if you are visiting the Pyramids you would take transportation to it whether you stay in pyramids area or city center area.
in centarl cairo
I think central cairo will be better as you will get easier and in less time to most places, and you have more access to things than being near the pyramids...
stay one day in near the pyramids and take two dayes in centarl Cairo
Happy new year it is great if you are going to be close by the pyramids of Giza and you are going to go every where in your tours in Cairo and also to Alexandria
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Gamal el dinSaad
I guess central Cairo is better if you're planning to visit other places than only the Pyramids.
it is better to stay in down town because u will find every thing you will need and u can bargain in the price of the trips to pyramides . here there is all travel agency will help you and i can arrange it to you just 35USA DOLLERS all the day saqqara , dahshoure and pyramides of giza and sphinx enjoy ur time in egypt
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Ofcourse its better to stay downtown and it depends off ur program put in dowen towen hotles cost less and can u found all ur needs neer of u

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Hi, In my opinion it is better to stay in central Cairo, there is more to see and do, with plenty of life, shopping, restaurants and hotels.At the pyramids there is not much to do outside of your hotel, it is a pretty quiet area, even though you are only here for 3 days.
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Carolyn Sallouma
its up to what do u planning to do in egypt
if u will make historical visit it will be better to stay near the pyrmid area
hello dear friend i think that it is better to stay in downtown
and i can book a perfect hotels for you and organise a good program for you if you would like with cheap prices
i will be waiting for you
i think be in central Cairo better for u cuz u will be near every thing i was in hotel near pyramids ones for days it called delta pyramids hotel we had very nice view for the pyramids from the window but the problem was when we needed to go to the city it was very bad the traffic and cap drivers was not good and i remember we paied around 20$ from the hotel to the airport if u need any thing else just ask
i believe to stay down town it is much better because you will have the chance to visit many places in cairo

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