Any tips for visiting KL?


City: Kuala Lumpur

Federal territory: Kuala Lumpur

Country: Malaysia


Not too sure what kind of tips you are looking for. Your question is too general.

Anyway, be careful with your belongings as minor crime i.e. snatch thief is high in Malaysia. Taxi drivers would try to charge flat rate instead of using meter especially during peak hours. Best place to shop for fake goods is at Petaling St, for souvenirs at Central Market (opposite Petaling St). Best place to shop is at Mid Valley and The Gardens (both are connected) with 4 major departmental store as anchor tenants and from international brands to cheaper brands.
I think these are the good points you mentioned .....
1. Beware of snatch thief. Keep ur wallet close to your hand.
2. Do not use a taxi unless you are really desperate. If not, try to use other public transport. Even if you are desperate, do not show in your face that you are desperate to use their service. Be cool
3. BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN if you shop at night market or petaling street.
4. Lot's of cheap hotel in KL area.
5. Do not kissing sensually in public. You can be jail for that.
6. Try to respect Malaysian culture.
7. Wear appropriate cloth. Try not to wear to sexy cloth unless you are going for clubbing.
8. Learn a few Malay word.
9. Must try every local food. The best local food not always you can find it in hotel. Try go to night market (pasar malam in Malay) to search for local delicacies.
10. Enjoy our warm greeting.
Ok for that point about the malay foods , Not everybody would be able to eat Malaysian foods, so you may bring some baked foods from wherever you coming from.
do not allow haggling on cabs
take the hop on hop off service buses
stay in bkt bintang area
no tipping unless requested
stay away from the back streets
DO NOT carry more cash than you need in a day
What kind of tips you required?

Malaysia is moderate country and KL is just like another city but with very diverse culture mix together(You can try eat malay,indian and chinese food even other international food is available) .Crime still a problem but not serious- (snatch thief etc)

There is a lot of budget hotel within KL area (mainly at Bukit Bintang and Puduraya/Petaling Street).

Cheap and branded replica AAA goods can be bought at Petaling Street.(1st Bargain shall be 1/2 of the offered price)-Pirate DVD also abundant

There is National Museum located nearby for your cultural tour on Malay history,Batu Caves for religious(Hindu) and unique limestone cave experience .Genting Highland Resort located only 40 minutes from KL is famous for gambling and chill environment theme park
dont taek taxis which dont want to use meter; you may encounter 5 cabs and 4 of them telling a certain amount, just say no thanks and wait for next cab till u find one that does use the meter
Tips ...hmm ... tipping is not needed most of the time . Travel by LRT or Monorail ,its easier to get around ..., ask passers by anything , they should be helpful but ask professional looking people as they usually speak English .
I'm not quite understand regarding the question... But any way u can contact me or email me if you need to further clarification... Anyway Kuala Lumpur is a good place to visit.
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indian food can find at Brickfield (eg. roti canai, capati, briyani, banana leaf rice, tosai, rojak mee, cendol..etc.)
malay food can find at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (eg. nasi lemak, satay, ayam penyet, etc.)
Chinese food can find at petaling street (eg. pan mee, cantonese/hokkien style, barley, red bean dessert, asam laksa, chaw koew teow, etc.)

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