I am moving to Bangkok from Tokyo,Would you plz give your recommendation/tips?

I am going to move to BKK next month with my wife and 5yr old daughter. 1.What to buy here in Japan( some product is cheaper/easy to find here). 2.What to throw away (such as electronics,winter clothes) 3.What I need to prepare Thank you in advance


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


If you are arriving in Bangkok for long term then most of the condominiums available here are fully furnished, you have to just carry your suitcase, we also have service apartments providing almost everything required,
The budget is depending on the locations and area you choose
Check the website for more information
bout products i'm not sure...just buy some necessities originally from japan that you think they dont have 'em in bangkok... like some cook mixtures might be pricier in bangkok... and what to throw away hmmm winter in bangkok is not that bad but what if you gonna travel else where like the north of thailand or somethin like that... it's a need i think but just keep a few of 'em you like... reading a guide book like rough guide or lonely planet about thailand is still a good choice it will help you loads bout the transportations in bangkok...especially you're a foreigner there'll probably be a lot of stalkers tryin to fool you...

have fun living in bangkok =)
Answer No. 1
Firstly, welcome to Thailand. You don’t have to worry as Bangkok get everything you need. There are lots of Japanese in Thailand so you won't feel alone

Question No. 2
You don't have to bring too much stuff to Bangkok. I assume what you need is your passport and medicine document, in case you get ill and go to hospital

Question No. 3
Before you move to Thailand, I recommend you just relax and make sure you pack your bags before few weeks. It is good if you can tell us what you are looking for and my company (PA Services) will try to sort it out for you. Such us Hotels, Apartments Services, Airport Pick up and Children Education in Thailand

Look forwards to see you soon.
Welcome to Bangkok!
1. Most of the things are available in Bangkok.
2. In most cases to move your inventory is more expensive than buying the things new in Bangkok. Only keep your personal stuff.
3. In your situation, I would advise to check places/areas where you want to live. Think of where I do I want to put my child in school? How far/convenient is it to get to my workplace. etc etc

Good luck!

Wine is very expensive here (but you probably will not be allowed to import much anyway).

Maybe think about vacination for tetanos, typhus and hepatitis (although there are excellent medical facilities here).
Wine is very expensive here (but you probably will not be allowed to import much anyway).

Maybe think about vacination for tetanos, typhus and hepatitis (although there are excellent medical facilities here).
Wine is very expensive here (but you probably will not be allowed to import much anyway).

Maybe think about vacination for tetanos, typhus and hepatitis (although there are excellent medical facilities here).
Hello and Bangkok welcomes you. There are most things you will find in Bangkok including imatation items of genuine products. Keep your personal computors, laptops, cameras, cloths. Up north it still gets a bit cold so a warm jersey or jacket will come in handy. Also be prepared to meet many " Experts " in Bangkok who are out to scam you and help you part with your money.
Otherwise you will have a good life with many interesting sights to see and places to visit. Use only T A T certified / recognised guides and taxi meters. They are a safe way until you know your way around.
May good fortune always be with you.

Buying products in Japan beforehand is not necessary as they have a lot of Japanese products available in Bangkok already. There's also plenty of good Japanese restaurants. You can leave a lot of stuff behind in Japan as almost everything is cheap here in Bangkok.

If you're coming to live in Bangkok you will have to prepare for the pollution / traffic jam. Some people get sick from it, I personally dont have a problem with it.

When you arrive you can rent a hotel for the first nights until you can find a condo that you like.

From my experience, you can buy almost of everything in Bangkok. But it is depend on where or how will you settle down for your family. To start with a apartment, you will need nothing from Japan except some kind of Japanes food that you will miss. If you bring too many things to Thailand you will end up with problem of the space to keep your belongs. I think this will help and do not forget about your kid's school.
Good luck and welcome to Thailand kha..
Hi BJ & Family
Welcome from the Land Of The Rising Sun to the LAND OF SMILES.
You got a couple of sound suggestions from Localytes. By personal experiences, take all personal items you won't and can't miss (as in Japan). Think of your wife and kid first.
Depending on how often you'll traval back to Japan, take the minimum of warm clothes, if ever - no need here! There are a couple of home electronics/appliances, cell phone, PC/Notebook/Laptop etc you better take from Japan. Sure there could/would be more .... decide on your own.
Wish you a pleasant stay in the City Of Angels.
Your own idea #2 is correct. Electric here is 200V at 50 CPS. I don't know Japan, but most tranformers / adaptors will work -- motorized items may not work. Plug adapors are easy to find. Mobile phones are GMS or GPRS - you can get a SIM and local number when you get here. Shopping is what people do in Bangkok, and almost everything is at globally fixed prices. The only thing I miss after moving from USA are my tools.
BTW - I think finding a good place to live was the most difficult part of moving - I Hope you have some assistance with that.
-There're lots of service condominiums and houses for rent which full furnished so i think you don't have to bring the big things
- things for daily life in Bangkok are not too expensive, you can find anything you want here.
- Bangkok is not too cold in winter so just prepare shirts or jackets, don't have to wear a woolen coat here.
Hope you enjoy^^
no need to worry about anything. there're japanese communities around here. and thai people have positive attitude to foreigners. don't forget the vaccine plan before come here since country in equator line like us may have more germs than you do. have a good day.
I can help you out with travel.If you need picked up at the airport my limo service can pick you up or traveling to other town not a problem.answer to your winter clothes will will not need them.. and yes it is much cheaper her to buy clothes and electonics

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