Looking for airport transfer from Kingston to Breezes in Runaway Bay. How much for 2 in US dollars?


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


Breezes supplies a bus gratis for their guests.
The only airport transfer available will take you to Montego Bay. The journey by car from Kgn to Breezes will take you approximately 2-2.5 hours maximum driving time and the drive from Montego Bay to Breezes will take you 1.5hrs. So it is preferable to fly directly to Montego Bay rather than to Kgn if this suits your travel itinerary. In any case, Breezes will offer complimentary transportation once you have a reservation.
check with breezes they should provide a courtesy bus from the airport just let them know as soon as u know when u need it to ensure they are aware of your arrival - enjoy im sure ur gonna
You can use Knutsford Express, it is a bus service like Grayhound,they can carry you from Kgn. to Runaway Bay for $2,400 for two person
U.S$180 one-way.
i'm not far from kingston airport, i can do the transfer for US$120.00. fyi. breeezes does provide bus from kingston, also you would have to catch a bus or cab to get to knutford in new kingston which is costly. its more wiser and cheaper to use a direct pick up service. plz call me 876 361 1692
Superclubs normally provide there guest with airport transfer. However, if you prefer a private transfer, that can be arranged at a cost. The cost id for one to four persons from Kingston to Breezes Runaway Bay = US$180.00
welcome to Jamaica when you get here.
It can be done for us$150 the least and this would be going below the belt but we try to accommodate everyone, we don't try turning customers away, even though we do have a standard.
I can provide a comfortable transfer to the Breezes Runaway at the cost US$120 for the both of you. I am a reputable guide and I live pretty close to the resort so if you should need transportation to check out any where else in the area while here it will not be a problem.
The cost for the transfer is US150.00 for 1 to 4 persons and 35pp for 5 and above. by Juta Tour bus. Contact me at
The cost for the transfer is US150.00 for 1 to 4 persons and 35pp for 5 and above. by Juta Tour bus. Contact me at I will pick you up at the airport
Kingston to Runaway Bay is quite a long drive and will take as long as 6 hours depending on traffic condition and the time of day you land. Night driving in Jamaica is much slower and if you land in the evening it may take more like 8 hours to arrive. Round trip airport transfers are $150 for two people.

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