i am thinking of going to london for the first time at 13th of next january for one week, but am afraid of the weather there.what do u...



City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


If you can visit March onwards its better as we dont deal with snow too well in the UK!
Well I hope the airports are working OK then as I fly off that day! As Jaq has said, if we still have snow we will have transport chaos. But the snow makes things look pretty and I prefer it to the usual damp cold windy January weather. Anyone who is not working and can afford it tries to escape UK at that time of the year - it is the worst month and the days are very short. Unless you are someone who loves the cold then choose a different month or a different destination. The UK is great between April and September, though the weather is unpredictable at all times.
If you want my honest opinion any other year ok but this year don't come before April

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