best food


City: Philadelphia

State: Pennsylvania

Country: United States


My favorite food is from veggie grill in Ca.Its vegan food but tastes like real meat and my meat eating friends love their fake meat more than the real meat,they say it tastes better and they keep asking if I am sure its not made out of real meat cause it tastes so good and their natural aquava soda tastes like beer and may have a little of the same side affects of beer but you wont get a dui when pulled over after drinkng this soda that tastes like beer and gives you some of the same feelings. We even had a friend fly back to Ca to stock up on veggie grill food and bring it to us in nc,thats how much we like it.He likes his meat wrapped in bacon but even he loved veggie grill and so did his very picky 15 yr old son and neither could believe it had no meat in it,cause it tasted like it did. So veggie grill is the best for all types of eaters and friends,for vegan,vegetarians and meat eaters.The chicken fingers are to die for,the grilled chickens taste like grilled chicken and the steak is so soft even ppl without teeth can eat that. My kid was going through dental stuff so she felt like she had no teeth for a while but was happy she had something other then mashed potatoes to eat and their steak tastes better than any real steak,is softer and just tastes better.

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