Is it possible to take a 2 day trip from Quito into the rainforest?


City: Quito

Province: Pichincha

Country: Ecuador


Hello you can do it, not really deep but is a nice area, you can drive 4 hours to Tena, Or Misahualli and be at the begining fo the rainforest, there you can visit some indian communities like Shiripuno from Misahualli, and in Tena you can practice Rafting in class III at the napo river is a exceptional river, very safe, plus Tena itself is a very nice town.
sure next quito you can find mindo rain forest a real paradise........
yes that possible in one day go to tena and them go aliñahui and secon day visit parque amazonico and retur to Quito
Sure, if you don't want to make more than 3 hours to get to the Amazon at the east side, you might choose, like Javier said, Mindo, which is the nearest option from Quito, about 1,5 hours. It is located at the west side of the Andes.
hello...yes it´s posible all depends on you., from Quito few hours away you could get to rainforest,i don´t see no problem.
Yes, it's possible like the people here told you to, going to Tena or Mindo ( cloud forest). But, if you wanna see more wild life, I recommend you to visit the Cuyabeno National Park, it's a reserve protected and the nature is amazing there, since the moment you are in there. The minimum is 3 days, but you won't regret it. Ecuador it self, has many amazing and wanderful places to visit. If you want you can check my agency web site for further information:
For the Rain Forest, you need 2 nights. The reason is it takes half day to go and half day to come back. If you make a 2 day trip you will be you will have only 12 hours in the Jungle, 8 of those 12 hours you will be sleeping.
If this is the case, I will only suggest that you visit the Cloud forest. Environment is very simmilar, but travel time is only 2 hours. Please visit our site
Hi richard is much less then 2 days from quito to el Oriente is a 5 hour drive to the main city called "el coca" or you could get a airplain to is 30 minutes and then all depends how in you want to go you might have to take a canoa is a little boat and is a few hours more but is worth it thrust me!!!
Hi Richard:

Of course, from Quito to the rainforest takes 1 1/2 hours so there's no problem, do you have any plan in your raiforest tour? because I could do it for you.
Hello Richard,
This is possible. Here in Misahualli we offer jungle tours from one day. You will be able to visit indian communities kichwa, sleep in the jungle lodge, make trekking in the primary and secondary jungle, visit butterfly farm or Animal resque center. Check my profile for details or our web-page
We can help you to hire a car with a driver or with the information as well. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Mindo of course... just a couple of hours from Quito... you need to take the bus from La Ofelia Terminal... and the price really cheap $2.50 I think so the departure at 7.40am
Dear Friends, Mindo is the nearest rainforest mostly surrounded by services for the tourist by the other side near Quito is Misahualli which is more in his natural state because you need more patience to reach there in non paved road for about 4 hours ,but also in Banios city that you can reach in about 3 hours from Quito and after you can continue to the very hart of the world the real jungles witch is the Ecuadorian Eastern side.With the highest bio diversity in the all world ,So if you really want to bring something special into your memories take your self at least 10 days to make a partial scan of Ecuador beauties
Great answers you've got here, dear Richard. If you definitively want rain forest (which is wilder and less populated than cloud forest areas like Mindo), your best bet would be to drive East to Tena/Misahualli/Ahuano, probably 6 hours. But with only two days, you'd better go by plane further to the east to Coca town, just 30 minutes. From there you can do wonders and be back to Quito in no time. There are some 10 daily flights from Quito to Coca, starting as early as 6:30 am and coming back as late as 5 pm, with all three domestic carriers: Aerogal, Tame and Ícaro (check their websites). Round tickets go from $100 to $140. Too bad you can't stay longer, because buses are waaaay cheaper and I'm sure once you're there you won't wanna come back so soon.
The most common trip is to Mindo, actually 1 hour fron Quito but there are many activities to and much to see you can do a 2 day trip.
Another comon tour is to Baños (4 hours from Quito) where you can see the erupting volcano Tungurahua, and all the spectacular activities and sigths you cando in baños and its vecenity.
I invite you to visit my web page you can check out our tours, pick one or we can desing one for you
In two days you can make a trip for amazing places of the Amazon region, you could plan with a journey route well done only, but you can travel from North to South at that time including Tena, Cuyabeno, Baños, Puyo and so on. Try to get this voyage visiting those wonderful touristic unique places from our rich and exotic biodiverse country.

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