looking to travel to rio for carnaval but dont wanna pay for an expensive apartment. my wife and i will be in rio for 3 months


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Contact me at .
Jim Campbell
E-mail CONNY SCHWENK at and ask her wheter her apartment is free.
She owns a small but well furnished apartment in Copacabana.
Carnival 2011 will be in March. It`s hard to find reasonable prices near the beach for Carnival period, but if you`re going to stay longer, perhaps you`d like to consider other areas. I have friends that rent their apartments, if you want send me a private message and I`ll check availability for you. Thanks
ps. mail to
If you want, I can arrange a place for you to rent. But lets get in touch better and set the details. Carnival is a time when people want to get the most of the money they wish and, even though a "job"has to be paied, people seem to loose the reality and the limits of their wish for profits. If you want any help,
Carnaval is a very expensive month to hire an apartment, you will get the other months with a lower price...Maybe I can help you, I live in Copacabana and I know people who rent apartments, my email is

But you will not find cheap prices in March.
Try the site Rio Apartaments. They can offer you places in other areas and different prices. Send me a message and tell me how much you want to spend and I can see if I find tou something. My email:
I rent my apartments in Rio contact me and or see the site and see the apartments I have for you to rent in RIo ,
Diana Persi
It is never cheap to rent in Rio over carnival, although as you are staying longer term you may be able to negotiate a lower price. is a good place to look for rooms and apartments, or check out 's blog on finding last minute accomodation for carnival:
Generally speaking, you'll find accommodation is cheaper the further you get from the beaches of the Zona Sul, so try Catete, Flamengo, Botafogo and Centro for cheaper deals. Santa Teresa is a little more expensive but has some nice options.
Ps, I know a lovely apartment in Santa Teresa that will be available for a month from April 12th, send me a private message if interested and I'll give you more details :-)

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