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Hello, I'm asking favour from locals and those who had travelled to Phuket, Thailand in helping me to plan my Phuket trip in 2011. I will be arriving in Phuket on 19th april and leaving Phuket on 23rd april 2011. I supposed it is the peak season? These are few of my questions: (1) My boyfriend and I prefer places which were less busy and noisy. We don't like to go to pubs but a nice lounge might be ok. Which place in Phuket will you suggest us to stay? I have glimpsed through the webpages and there are tons of them which have make me so puzzled. Hehe. (2) Since we will be staying in Phuket for 5 days, we would like to take a tour to Krabi and Phi Phi Island if possible. Would you advise us to make a pre-booking on the internet or we can just book the packages when we arrive in Phuket? Will it be risky we didn't get to book any packages if we don't pre-book them? Same for the other local attractions eg. Phuket Fantasia, Maya island tour, elephant ride, carbaret show and so on. (3) What is the most budget transportation in Phuket? Do we need to do a pre-booking for the transport or a tour guide if we intend to rent a car or scooter? (since we will only be travelling on two). Any advice? (4) How's Phuket night life if we do not wish to go to pubs? Any other interesting activities or places I have missed here? Thanks a zillion for those who are reading this and giving us comments and suggestions here. We hope this will be our memorable trip as this is our first trip together :) Take care.


City: Phuket

Province: Phuket

Country: Thailand


Hi, I am kate lives in Bangkok. I would like you to go to Surin Beach. It's my Favorite beach in Phuket. You could find out the Hotel in this beach by also night live i like to go the nice restaurant, it's call White box or Vanilla Sky. It's better if you buy a packages tour at the counter on the street in Phuket to see Maya island or elephant ride etc. Also if you would like to go Krabi or Phi Phi it Possible but it's very rush. Taxi in Phuket very expensive it better to rent a car or motorbike if you want to go many places in one day or more. It's start price 400 baht per go if it short way. Anyway if you have more time to spend Phuket Krabi Phi Phi Island you should have 7-10 days for relaxing yourself not too rush.
For you hotels stay away from Patong, very noisy. Look at hotels in the Laguna area. Laguna is north of Surin. In Surin the night life is more upmarket. Also look at hotels like Twin Palms in Surin Beach. Hotels are reasonably priced
You can book tours to Krabi and Phi Phi via boat cruises or by road to Krabi then boat to Phi Phi.
The shows and tours are best to prebook when you get to Phuket. Your best transport is to rent a car. Motorbikes are deadly in Phuket, especially if you are not accustomed to Phuket style driving.Rent a car from Andaman Car Rental in Surin beach. I can personally vouch for them, having used them many times myself.
For Phuket night life, you could always go to the shows you mentioned and also movies at Central Shopping Complex or Jungceylon in Patong.
Hope this helps, if you require more info, just send me an email.
Hope you have a wonderful time here.

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