gonna be in dubai for business in january. any must eat foods i should try while i'm there?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


You will find a lot of different cuisines when u reach dubai but wat u really must try is the arab dishes.They vary from local emarati delicacies to GCC authentic dishes,to Iranian must haves and offcourse Egyptian,Lebanese and Jordanian's fiery ensembles.You will find things like Hoummus, a paste made from chickpeas and sesame seeds,Tabbouleh, chopped parsley, mint and crushed wheat,Ghuzi, a whole roast lamb on a bed of rice mixed with nuts,Wara enab, vine leaves stuffed with rice.Koussa mahshi, stuffed courgettes,Hareis, a rich delicacy of slow-cooked wheat and tender lamb and not forgetting the national fruit dates.these are available in abundance.Plain dates,dates dipped in honey or chocolate,drizzled with seaseme seeds,dates stuffed with nuts e.t.c. If you have a sweet tooth then you are in for a treat.The arabs are very keen when it comes to the preperation of desserts,they say it seals the whole experience of a meal so expect and explosive array of sugary feasts.Mehalabiya is a pudding sprinkled with rosewater and pistachios. Esh asaraya (meaning bread of the harem), a sweet kind of cheesecake with a cream topping, and my all time favorite is Umm Ali (literally "Mother of Ali"), a type of soft bread pudding made of cocnut shavings,vanilla essence,some wheat flour,drenched in coconut milk and definatley seals your meal experience.There's lots more that was just a sneek peak.
try shawarma

Must try Arabic food
Obviously Arabic food. Must also try shisha. Try going to arabic restaurants that has both as well as belly dancing. Try Jumeirah Beach Hotel (Al Khayal) or Jumeirah Emirates Towers (Al Nafoorah-not sure bout the belly dancing though) that serves authentic Lebanese food.

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