Hello, I am asking about Foreigners who speak english fluently and can give english conversation lessons in Cairo????????


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Hi, if u really wanna learn English u gotta take a toefl course, n i ensure u ,u gonna speak English fluently . there's no difference between foreign teacher n a highly qualified Egyotian one . I recommend u to take it in from the AUC .GOOD LUCK .
DO u have any idea about the prices? will there be a placement test? plz answer in details, thanks
if you need a place where foreigners give English lesson,you should go the British Council as it is the best place to learn English
the best way to learn English is joining the British council .if u dont have time u can learn english on line
I know an Egyptian friend his wife is an American who teaches English one to one. I will send you his number in a privet message so you can arrange everything with him. The best way to learn English is to learn it from Anglo-phone one to one.
Hi Magdi,
The best way to learn English is to have lessons on a one to one basis with someone who has English as their natural language. The British Council offers courses with English speaking teachers. Contact them and they will give you all the details. Best of luck
Hi Magdy,Do you need to prove your English for study or work?
The IELTS English test is accepted by universities and employers in Egypt and around the world, including most USA universities. More than 2000 USA institutions accept IELTS as an alternative to TOEFL.
Location:British Council Agouza and Alexandria
Registration fee: LE900

Kindly,ask about anything through the web site which i mentioned in the above,
My Best Regards,
Tarek Elbakry
ok Mr, Magdy
i can help u with that
that will coast u from 20$ to 25$ per hour four days a week depend on which level u r at
if u r there so call me by this no, 0182533659
or contact me the same way
or on that e-mail adress
Hi ...The best way to learn English in Egypt is less courses and much self study,for the syllabus of the all Egyptian courses are either chosen randomly or the teachers are inexperienced .
There is nothing called "Conversation Classes",understand the usage of the grammar and that will enable you to speak fluently, We use Grammar to talk not to memorize only.
If you have any can contact me ,and I will provide you with enough information on how to depend on yourself in learning English.
Wish you all the best
Hi Magday,

As my colleagues on the web mentioned, there is not a single method to learn English but many. Listen, read, write correctly as you do!

For English tutors, you can find some online in classified ads. Moreover, there are bulletin boards in most bookstores and the like where you do find native speakers of English available for tutoring.

I give free lectures, in both Arabic and English at the Sawy Culturewheel in Zamalek. You are most welcome to attend!

Good luck,

When do u give the free lectures???
What do these lectures include??

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