What are the prices for renting one-room apartments in Budapest?

What would be the absolute minimum monthly rent for an apartment in Budapest? And I really mean the minimum! So without luxuries. Just for some tiny one-room apartment in the suburbs... And what about just renting a room? Maybe with some old lady or students? What would be the monthly rent for this?


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I looked some add and the cheapest I could find was around 180-200 Euros per month, plus utilities. For renting a room the price would be about 140-160 Euros.
Hi to answer the question you can pay anything from 200 euros a month upward for a one bedroom apartment. To find a room rather than an apartment its more difficult but none the less they are there for around 100 euros per month (but you would have to come to Budapest to be in a position to pick and choose these low priced rooms or flats (epsecially the ones in suburbs) as they generally are not advertised on the web).

What are you intending to do and how long would you be visiting Budapest? The prices do vary depending on location. Do you speak Hungarian as to rent in the Suburbs you would need to have at the minimu German but Hungarian is better. English is not necessarily spoken everywhere but you can find someone who has at least a basic understanding of english.

BR Robert
200 euros excluding gas/water/electricity. but to get this average price you will need a hungarian buddy to arrange it for you. otherwise when they find out that you are a foreigner, the price will go up right away :) that is hungary...
It is approx. 200 EUR+utility bill a month.
One room appt. rental fee /month is around 4-45,000 HUF = USD 240
its around 200 eur/month for an apartment
try this address maybe she can help you
Hi Martin,

A one bedroom apt is ranging between 200-6/700 EUR / month....depends on quality and location. Since I do apt rentals as well let me know if you need help and I'll send you some property offers with pictures...

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It can cost around 50 000 Ft plus the so called common cost for the fundation of the house (it can vary between 5-12 000 Ft (it normally includes the water) You have to calculate with gas and electricity as well. I would suggest you to rent an appartment with so called "konvektor" heating, that is normally the cheapest, but definately you should avoid "panel" flats where the heat is usually centralized and cost a LOT!. Anyway, I would advise you to try to find an appartment not so far from the city. If you have luck, you can find accomodation at a rational price near the center as well. Normally it differs not so much. Try in the 7th district. It is close to the center but cost not so much. Most part of it is called the Soho of Budapest. :)
The prisis are about 200 EUR/month + utilitis.

have a good time in Bp! :)
Hi Martin!
Prices for one room flats - szobakonyha (means room-kitchen) start from about 200 euros. Buda side is a little more expensive than Pest. If you are lucky and willing to move out to far suburbs you may find cheaper places too.

You can rent a very simple flat from 150 euros + utilities.
If you rent aroom from students the lowest price should be 80 euros + your part from the utilities. But keep in mind that these are the very minimums
You can find apartment fo 45000Huf which is almost 150 EUR, in the city centre.

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