Which is the best restaurant in Arusha?


Country: Tanzania


Depending on what one wants to eat
From Indian to Local food

For Italian will recommend that one goes to PEPE

For Chinese Lui has opened a new restaurant at the Gym Khana Sports Club one should go to this place
his food is isy to good and its freshly cood highly recomended

For Indian I will recomend that one should go to the Tagh resturant on Njiro Road next to pepsi cola bottlers , Its a siple place but its got fingre liking food with Indian Spices , the set up is like a local dhaba in India but the food is just great you will just like this place if you like Indain food

For Local food I will recomend Arusha Night Park ( has a nic name as Matako Bar)
meaning bumbs ( all the waiteresses have big bumbs) that is how it get its nic name
The local food from Kuku Choma , Nyama choma ,mtura ( Africal Local Sausage) Fish amd not forgeting Ugali , you will also get trupa and other local foods as well and snacks a place to have aneal as well
at tembo club, legendary, jamaica restaurant, green hut and nazi
Aafeez said it all. I second him.

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