I want to go to Florida during my holidays,should I visit in summer or during the winter?

My vacation should either be in May or in Nov- Dec. We want to go to Orlando firstspend a few days in a good hotel,take a small cruise,then visit Ft.Lauderdale. Which time would be best for my schedule?Want to do some swimming too.


City: Orlando

State: Florida

Country: United States


You can expect to be able to swim in December as well as not deal with as many tourists. Pick December, it's a much better choice. Just don't pick any time between January-March.
winter time you chance runing into some pretty cold weather, summer time you may find it hard to stay in the sun more than a few minutes. during this time, the end of febuary into march is usually the best.
Instead of me typing it all out for you, here is a good article I found that will give you some insite-
May can get hot. Nov-Dec. is best but will also cost more.
Most facilties are Air Conditioned. Kids love Florida under
any conditions.
Always be mindful of lightning. Get inside immediately.
Go when you can! its florida and you can swim year round.

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