Hi! i m a fashion designer,where i can buy good quality cloth in cairo other than khanankhalily and ballah


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


Hi Good morning please try to contact me and I can guide you to several shopping shops 002 010 15 65 408 Gamal el din Saad
Hi sir
Happy to answer your question
if you would like to buy high quality so you should go to City Stars Mall where you will find all the brands and high quality cloth and everything
City stars is located in Nasr City but it's expensive
Dalydress is one of these places where u can buy very good clothes. It produces and sells a wide range of fine leisure and business wear, for men, women and children, from cotton, linen and other materials, and features theme shops, for example, their nautical-inspired clothes. The selection depends on the season and tends in wintertime to consist more of pullovers and heavy trousers, for example. Dalydress is especially famous for its men’s shirts. Their clothes aren’t really cheap, suits start at around 1000 Egyptian Pound (260 US-$), but are often better quality than what you would get for the same money, for example, in Europe.
You can find high quality clothes at several malls in egypt namely, city stars, Genina Mall, and shops in mohandessen area. Some of the Brand stores have different outlets in various part of egypt; BTM Marie louis , Dalydress, Naf Naf, and several others,
contact me on and I will more than happy to help and guide.
i think city stars mall is good for you sir
there is many places where you can find your target like downtown , Attaba, there is also Roxy in Heliopolis .....there are many malls too like City-stars , Arcadia ..etc
dear : i have more than places if you want to buy good quality clothes you have to go to Talat Harp mall in mid town or Cairo mall in Elharam you will find all you need
have a nice time sir
i can't give any more answer than the others did sorry
wekalet elbalah and downtown
hi there is a lot of places you can get a good clothes the most famous and good quality clothes you will find it in city star mall there is a lot of shops there and all are good cItystar is in Nasr city
In Down Town and Zamalek you can buy cloth good quality in Cairo
if u wanna buy reasonable n high class cloth u gotta visit Cairo or Gnina malls . but in case u want higher stuff there's nothing but city stars mall ,it's the biggest one in Egypt.but remember there's no reasonable prices at all.

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