Safest neighborhoods in Caracas?

Among the upper or middle class neighborhoods in Caracas, which one is the safest? Which part of the neighborhood is safe and which parts should I stay away form (dangerous)?


City: Caracas

Federal district: Distrito Federal

Country: Venezuela


You have several Neigborhoods that are safe in Caracas like La Lagunita, Prados del Este, La Castellana, El Hatillo and so on... But this is all relative, because there a lot more others safe Neigborhoods only if know how to go and exactly were to go, In Caracas its not safe to be out at night, in Downtown after 05, 06:00 pm its not safe, during the day in a normal week day it`s relativly safe if you take the subway, you can get mugged just like in Paris and New York... Try Always to take Official Taxis, make the Hotel to call your cab and grab his mobile so you can call them whenever you need to...And so on...And well, dont go with expensive cameras, sunglasses, mobile phones, watches, etc...
Well... as i'm student and i don't have car i usually take the bus or metro and i recommend you that if you are tourist or not venezuelan it's better than you take a taxi or walk with a venezuela person (person that you trust). It's true that caracas is very dangerous but it safe if you know the place where you can walk safe.

If you want to live here i recommend you place like:
- Santa Paula, Altamira, La Castellana, Los palos grandes, Santa Fe, La Lagunita, El hatillo, Prados del Este and others place like where i live: San Antonio de los Altos (but it's a 30 minutes of caracas if don't have traffic)

Finally, i recommend you stay away of place( much more if you are alone) like: Centro de Caracas (capitolio, silencio, plaza venezuela, sabana grande, montalban)

But my final council it's that if you know a person than live here or you have a venezuela friends don't worried, and take it easy, because it's true than caracas is a dangerous city but also it's a good place to know it.
Do not be fooled by thinking there are safe neighborhoods in Caracas. There are none. In every one of them you have the risk of being mugged, robbed or even killed if you have something of value with you. Of course it is wise to keep to the east of the city and avoid traveling alone or at night by foot in any place. Do not carry valuables with you and never put your passport in a wallet. Keep it in your pocket!! Carry a small purse with no documentation but with some money as a disguise but If some one does mugg you you can give them the purse. This way you will not lose your passport nor your money. Do not wander alone in solitary places for any reason. If they ask for something like your shoes, do not hesitate and give them out inmediately.
As most of the previous respondants have mentioned Caracas is not as safe as it used to be, if staying for an extended period of time I recommend looking for hotels in the areas of Los Palos Grandes, Altamira, Las Mercedes, which are all middle class to upscale neighbourhoods away from slums, yes we do have quite a few of those here.
As mentioned before depending on what you´re here for most neighbourhoods on the eastern side of Caracas have a lower crime rate than those to the west.
If you still need info or help feel free to contact me and I can work your reservations and itineraries on this side.
Caracas is not a safe place, I regret about it but it is true. Altamira, Los Palos Grandes, Colinas de Bello Monte, La Lagunita, La Castellana are safer than many other places. Take all the advices Carrilo gave you about passport and so on. Try to travel with a local always, never go downtown Caracas, avoid the west of the city.
Do not wear watches, cameras or any jewelry. Jeans, T-Shirts and Bcap is all what I would wear.
Our city has really good things to see, sorry we have this issues with violence and robbery.
caracas is passing through dificult political problems, althoug there is not such a danger towards tourist or people not involved in the movements of people. at all! tourist get to gather with people from communities and adquire stories about local miths.
Excuseme but politics is not related at all with safety at our country. We must face Caracas is not safe for anyone, specially tourist whom travels alone. If you are not received by a local, there is a risk. I'm not telling people not to come here, just that they take precaussions. I work with poor communities at Caracas and even the people of this communities are really aware of the levels of violence we are living. Our advice make us in some level responsible for what happens to localyte members when they visit us.
Look at the previous answers, see how many of us think the same about violence at Caracas and get yor own conclussions.
I recommend Venezuela to live in, but Caracas is a place where you have to be in extreme cautious.
Sorry I don't agree with you
Altamira and Los Palos Grandes are the best places to live and visit in Caracas. Beautiful restaurants, malls, parks, museums, cinemas and more are located there so you don't need to go anywhere else.
I´ve been everywhere and by now nothing has happened to me, in Caracas there are not "safe places", just don´t wear jewelry, take care with cameras, bags, etc. Like everywhere, tourist are always a prey, even at The Vaticano. Just ask for advice at your destination.
Safe? A very good question! Safe is taking precautions at all time, without being freaked out of course. But relatively safe would be La Castellana, Altamira, Las Mercedes, etc. The eastern side of the city. Take heed that you must not be early morning like at 4am on the streets alone or even late at night, on less you're acompanied by a group of friends. Simple keep out of places you have no business in. And don't forget, "precaution".
hi there.. why do you wanna go to a neighborhood?? it is not safe here.. you should stay in a hotel.. i recommend that you find a good hotel, you can find good prices but just be careful with the place because not all from Caracas is safe.. there are many places very dangerous for you..
Caracas is am excellent place to visit, as long as you dress low profile (no expensive, chains, watches) and try to always be with a local guide to take you to the places where you can have fun and not get mugged
...Caracas, all the city is dangerous. You must be carefull at all the time. They notice when you are not from there. To be safe (not 100%) you must have a car and drive with windows up all the time. Are you going for the first time? do you have any friends in Caracas?

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