wil be in your country for 6 weeks and woud love to include time(days) in oasis country.will be arriving mid feb.2011.can we do siwa

and white desert at the same time.whats the best time for us.want to cover as much we can without backtracking to much!!thank you!!


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


This is a great time in your Life time so I can help you to see all of Egypt so please contact me in my E mail 002 010 15 65 408 Gamal el din Saad
Yes it's a good time to visit siwa, time enough to enjoy
Dear Sir,
Kindly note we are company called Zerda Safari located in cairo & we are speciallist in the Wetern Desert specially oasis & white & black desert, we have great offers & also we have great party on the New Year, please try to contact us on & our numbers is 0020112628902 our web site is .
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hello there, yes there is enough time to do that, since you are staying 6 weeks, but you did not tell me how many people are you, i can prepare a car for 2 people to tour egypt, where ever you want to go , i will take you, send me a message if you need my help, welcome to egypt
it s good time to visit egypt "
Hi, yes it would be a good time to visit the desert as it will not be too hot during the day. Also if you are staying for six weeks you will have plenty of time to tour all of Egypt. If you want more information please feel free to contact me at
Dear Sir; It's to our pleasure that you are thinking to visit our's good enough to visit whole country not only the Oasis, if you are planing to visit every place I would suggest for you to start by Giza [Pyramids, Sakkara, Dahshour],then go to Alexandriya do the sightseeing maybe stay there for 2-3nights is enough, then go to Marsa Matrouh stay 1 nitgh on the visit to Al Alamen, then Go to Siwa and stay 3-4nights and you can do Safari like Sand skate ,then take the 4WD and go to El Farafra, stay 1 night, then go Bahariya Oasis on the way you stop by the White Desert and stay at least 2nights camping then continue to El Bawiety and visit to the Black Desert and the Hot springs on the way back, then on the way back visit to El Fayoum and the Valley of the Whales, El Modawara, Wady El Rayan, then continue to South by visiting El Miniya and stop there for 3nights, then Continue to Aby-Dous, visit the Temple of Seti, then go to Denderah and visit to Hathour Temple, then go to Luxor and stay there at least 4nights then continue to Esna, Edfu, Kom-ombo, then Aswan stay there also 3night min., then go to Abu-Simbel, stay there 1night, then go to behing the Dam and visit to Kalabsha, Amada, Wady el Seboo, Garf Hussien, then back to Luxor, then Visit to Hurghada-Red Sea, take the Ferry Boat from there and go to Sharm El Sheikh and drive to Dahab, and stay there 2-3nights, then continue to Saint-Catherine and stay there 1night to watch the Sun rising from the top of Mountain Moussa, then back to Port Saiid, on the way back you can stop at Ismailiya for Lunch also visit to Suez Canal
then, stay 1night at Port Saiid and visit to Port-Fouad, then back to Cairo..this is FULL EGYPT sightseeing..I hope you can do, many people did, so I hope your time and enough power you got to do all, just one advise to enjoy the White desert you should make sure that the moon is small or no moon is better!! Because the Moon light damage the Beauty of Star Watching and some times Shooting stars so you adjust your Itin. according to this, finally I hope you will enjoy your 6Weeks Tour..,If you have any inquires,questions please don't hesitate to contact us through the , or/ to my mail add. - , Tnks again
Dear Sir
Have a nice day from Sakkara Travel
sure you can do this program but please i need know how many persons you are
and please contact us and visit our site

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Spending 6 weeks in mid winter in the desert, means that you are not normal tourists, welcome you will find in Egyptian desert too many oasis, that make satisfy your interests and more and more than what you expect, there are in addition Daqla , Xarga , Farafra.. etc oasis , where you find nature , sun, tribal s, local languages , dinosaur skeleton and more and more
Hey there....
Yes, you can.
The best plan would be to travel to, and spend a night or two in Siwa, (8-10 hours drive from Cairo) visiting the local attractions. You will find plenty of guides in Siwa who will obtain permission to take you overland (about 5 hours) across the Western Desert to Bahariya Oasis, where there are a number of decent places to stay including Kasr Bawiti.. The owner of Kasr Bawaiti (and a few others) can arrange trips to the White Desert, including overnights if you like.... From Bahariya, it is then around 5 hours back to Cairo....
Dear Sir
It's great honor to reply your question ,i will tailor a program for you to include every part of Egypt but i need some information from you like
How many guests are you to price it out according to the number of guests?
What's your nationality ?
Which category of hotels do you like (3 stars,4 or 5)?
What's your average budget you would like to pay to tailor the program according to it?
Appreciate your reply ASAP on
Dear Sir; It's to our pleasure that you are thinking to visit our country. i have a very nice programm for your trip to oasis if you would like you can contact me that is my Private mail
Day 1 | Bahariya

Early morning driving to Oasis Bahariya, about 04 hours drive, 340 kilometers from Cairo. (Private transfer arranged upon request).
Pick up from Bahariya Bus station & transfer to the hotel. That is only if the guest would like to stay in hotel but if he prefers to spent the two night sleeping in the desert that is ok

Bahariya is the nearest oasis to Cairo, surrounded by black hills made up of ferruginous quartzite and dolerite, and famous for its 398 mineral & sulfur springs, some of which have temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees and are famous for their healing effects.

Arrive in Bawiti the capital of the Oasis occupying a hillside. After lunch, you will start an afternoon tour amongst top sights of Bahariya, including El Meftella Mountain, Salty Lake, Dest (Pyramid Mountain) & Maghrafa Mountain, stroll to Bir el Ghaba & el Matar warm springs with opportunity for bathing.

Dive into the history of the Oasis by visiting the Tomb of Bannantiu "26 Dynasty" with its still vibrantly colored decorations.
Move to the Ruins of the temple of Alexander The Great; believed that the Greek conqueror passed through Bahariya while returning from the oracle of Ammon at siwa Oasis.
Visiting the valley of the Golden Mummies; A huge burial site, where around 250 mummies form the different periods of the Egyptian history were discovered.

Time permitting; a visit to the English Mountain will take place by sunset. Here, the old English outpost was used by British troops as it showed strategic views of the area.
Over night in our hotel

Day 2 | White Desert

Early morning breakfast before journeying out into the Black Desert surrounding Bahariya Oasis, where the iron in the desert is one of the reasons for the black rocks.

You will walk to explore Gabal el Marsos (Divided Mountain), and then drive towards the small Bedouin village El Hez with outdoor lunch break.

Making your way to the White Desert 160-km on/off road, you will stop by the Crystal Mountain & Agabat el Sharkia, El Santa tree, go across the sands of the White Desert with its chalky, cream landscape, and the wind carved mushroom-shaped formations that resemble both human and animal faces. Tonight you will watch the sunset over the exquisite sands of the desert, dine under the stars and overnight in camps

Day 3 | Bahariya - Cairo

Wake up from a peaceful night, breakfast and return all over the road across the White Desert. Return to Bahariya, break and head off back to Cairo
Bahariya 01 Night Hotel on FB basis
White Desert 01 Night Camping on FB basis
Program includes:
All transfers in Bahariya, during safari.
All your tours and excursions are in Jeeps.
The service of meet and assist at all your destinations

Camping facilities:
Transfers through 4X4 Toyota Land Cruisers.
Single and double dome-shaped tents.
Tents have mattresses and pillows.
Three meals a day.
03 bottles of Water during safari + 1 soft drink.
Special meals for vegetarians are served upon request (Should be requested prior to arrival)
All food preparation and cooking is done by the camp staff.
All camping fees and permits.
Expert guides for the desert safari.
Before anything hello your in Egypt you can make all the visits you want depending on the period you would like to do we have many programs that differ in terms of cost, but 9 days would be appropriate in terms of time and cost
if u like any more info plz contct me


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