hello i will be in BKK on august 9th for 3 days, i'm looking for a driver that can take us to the best parts of the city, the best and...

...cheapest restaurants (we want a real THAI experience) and that can stay at full disposal from 9 am til 9pm. please write back with your request for one day service by car :) thanks


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


It will cost 60 Dollars a day for fuel and driver for 12 hour day. There could be an extra cost round 1/2 Dollars if you use toll roads. Recommend that you visit places in Bangkok that are not on the tourist track. Lunch by the river in a fantastic Thai vegetable market that was visited by a princess last time I was there. Will discuss what you want to do and see when we meet.
Hello use Georges sugestion or use Taxi Meters every day. Make sur the meter is on please.
Have a wonderful time.
The cheapest real Thai restaurants you'll find on every corner of the street, for that you don't need a driver or car. For sightseeing a car and driver from 9AM- 9PM it will cost you about THB 2,500. Expressway fees not included
Everything important has been said and suggested already.
One more thing: As traffic in Bkk is congested almost all the time, for your initial sightseeing why don't you use skytrain and river boat axpress. It will give you an excellent impression of the city.
if want to see real my country better i advide u have to adventure maybe tired but u will get new experience that many visitor not see.just take taxi to ur hotel.then i will make a good plan for u. real massage,Temple,real thai market,countryside of BKK,small island closed to BKK. all maybe with bus and taxi together if u tired. i will helping becoz 9th is my holiday.but if u want privat car will provide about 60$ included gass.
Bangkok is known for her notorious traffic jams. By far the best way to explore the city and avoid most of those traffic jams is by going with public transport. The subway (MRT) and the Skytrain (BTS) in combination with boats on the klongs (canals) and on the river plus tuk-tuks and the occasional taxi ride will get you around much faster and possibly cheaper, not to mention environmentally friendlier. In addition moving about this way adds tremendously to the experience. You will see the city from angels unknown by most tourists.

Actually you could explore the city easily by yourself (and save money). However if you are pressed for time or just want to concentrate on the wonders around you without having to seek out your next move a guide would be advisable. Make sure the guide holds an official license from the T.A.T. (Tourist Authority of Thailand). A guide can also explain along the way the little things that are a reflection of local culture.

Please feel free to contact me via . Questions are welcome. For your information, we have several walking tours (all using public transport) around the city and could also compile a tailor-made program for you. If you contact me I will point you to the cheapest restaurant I know. Real Thai experience guaranteed (complaints will not be accepted. Hahaha!).

Hope to hear from you.
wow that was useful thanks!
We see many on here want the best and cheapest but sorry in the real world this is like asking for a cheap diamond -theres no such thing. You can have a fantastic real Thai meal for two dollars on any street corner but dont think it will be like the Ritz. If you want top class cheap it will cost a hundred dollars. Like I say in life you get what you pay for. If you want a good Thai meal for two dollars just walk around anywhere in Bangkok and see the restaurants with many Thais eating then that is the place.As others have said on here the best sightseeing is done on the river - just get a taxi to the Chow Phria maynaam-(river)and take a riverboat up and down for about 50 cents you will see more of Thailand than from a taxi.And please dont go around asking for "cheap" or saying "too dear" because Thais will think you are KEENYOW translated as "sticky shit" Or "tight arse", better to just smile or you will lose face. Keep smart and you will be respected here, look poor and you will be looked down on. In Thailand appearance (status) is all important.
Good answer and honest too. Thank you.
Have good fortune to you.
40 usdolla per day
Hi Beatrice. Chose among George, Andre, Wilfried or Gregor;
anyone will bring you to places to like, stopping by for a
relaxing massage ...... Have fun
Dear Traveller
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