My Mother's family originated in a farm in Lunneborg Norway - which I believe is in your area. We are considering a trip to the area...

...for sentimental reasons. I live in Alaska - it would be a big trip for us. What do you recommend - a cruise with a side/road trip - or flying in and enjoying the area? Is there very much too see - and a local establishment to stay in? We enjoy the outdoors very much.


Province: Troms

Country: Norway


In norway I recomend to see the nature here. it's really beautiful in the summertime. So if you can take a boat trip, that's also very nice.
Where in norway are you going?
Dear Bent Ivar:
Thank you for you response - that was a nice surprise.
We do not yet have an agenda - what would you recommend we see - based on your knowledge of Norway? We would love a boat trip - or road, or railroad trip. My Mother is age 74 and I am 53 ... we are not 'spring chicks' but love the outdoors and traveling as the locals, and nothing fancy! We are both also interested in music, local culture and crafts and seeing some intersting churches. Peace to you - Gail

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