Where is it better to stay in Bali? In Kubu villas or in Kajane Mua?

Where is a nice private villa with great service and swimming pool?


City: Daoehpoeri

Province: Bali

Country: Indonesia


Villa Kubu is my recomendation! But if you might like to charter private luxury wooden schooner to sail from Bali to a nice place like Komodo island or just to Lombok island.
Schooner can be look @
Remommendation KLM Embaku.


Both of them are nice villa, and there are so many private villa arround bali...that's all depend on your need and budget
kubu villa absolutely! Hard Rock at Kuta u can try..

all villa on bali
For my opinion, i have better advise . I know place better than these two places. In Candidasa, u will find good place , good service ( include the famous water sport scuba diving ) spa , and many more.

U wont regret it. If u need further information for this, send ur email to my email then i will answer all ur questions there completely as far as i can do

enjoy ur days, take care and Greetz
xxx esther xxx
PS : i never put further information in first step ahead, just protect from people here who dont know the real information and steal it and use it for robbing the tourists.

Ok, that's all from me. Cant wait to hear u soon

SIncerely yours,
xx esther xx
he there
welcome to Bali ..........
both villa has own character of their architecture and different kind of their own service to every client who come to stay there.but if you are asking about the choice here ..It's not wisely to say better or not good due to their reputation.I just suggest you to stay at kubu villa.any villa in Bali has good location such as; ubud area ,nice atmosphere with the unique of Balinese culture.
have a nice choice and enjoy your holidays.....

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