Birkirkara market? Flea market? Food market? What days? Where exactly? And how to arrive from Sliema by car?


Country: Malta


If i'm not mistaken the market in B'Kara is every wednesday.
If by flea market you mean 2nd hand stands, i don t think you will find a lot of those there. In the market you will mostly will find veg, fish and other food stalls + clothes and other accessories.
The market is held around the Parish Church which is one of the biggest churches in Malta so it would be interesting to visit the Chrurch too whilst there.
From Sliema it is just a 10min drive (depending on traffic obviosly!). Will you be having a gps ? if so then all you need to do is to find the St Elena Parish Church and you will be spot on.

Let me know if you need more help!

Not sure about the Birkirkara market but there are others: Valletta market every Sunday near the bus terminus, Qormi market every Saturday morning near the huge church, Marsaxlokk market every Sunday morning. Most of these markets have food, clothes and tourist stuff. There are lots of antique shops around as well. The only market I know of that would be something like a flea market is at Ta Qali, near Attard. Lots of 'junk' for sale there. Good hunting
birkirkara market i think in friday morning till go ther follow the road sign to b kara and start ask people when u are in b that market u can get food vegtable frout clothis and many other things...good luck

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