Hi: I need to get a family of four from the Hyatt at the airport to the Disney Cruise Ships at Cape Canaveral on Aug 2nd. Any...

...localytes that could help. Thx


City: Orlando

State: Florida

Country: United States


The cruise line has a bus that transports from airport to ship. I think it's free but you may need to let them know you need them
call me at 9049552313
Dear Sunilji: There are number of options from limo to shuttle bus or car. Most of the hotel like Hyatt can also help you with booking. The economical way is to buy roundtrip. There is a bus service as well. Here are some links for reservation:

Hope that helps you.
take a taxi
Disney has shuttles at the airport that will take you to any of the Disney destinations, I'm pretty sure. If they don't have one for the Cruise Line, there are lots of different shuttles and taxis that go to that destination, all you have to do is ask one of the people at the information desks.

Hope this helps!
take a taxi for the fastest way
dont play around with transportation or you might not make it to the ship

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