How much is the approx cost to clim Mt.Kilimanjaro and Mt.Meru in Tanzania? Any tips?

Which season would be best to go there? PLs suggest the best hotel.


Country: Tanzania


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Welcome and know more about Climbing kilimanjaro in Tanzania. You can also learn about Tanzania safari trips, wildlife safaris, walking safaris, and beach holidays.
Tanzania is a natural beauty land with 8 Natural world heritage sites like Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti,Ngorongoro Zanzibar Island e.t.c

Before you contact us in our email, we start by giving you what is on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Best season is from July to October and January to March. November and December are also good.

There are several Hotels in Different budgets levels.

10 to 40 US $ per night per person (B/B) are Buffalo, Zebra,Kilimanjaro Crane,KEYS HOTELS,Leopard Hotels.

From 50 t0 80 are Ameg Lodges, Moshi Impala, Kilimakyaro,Protea Aishi.

In Marangu there Babylon, Capricon,Kibo,Marangu, Nakara and price ranges from 40 to 80 US $ per person per night.

The room is deluxe, en suite. All hotels have good Restaurant and have Tourist services.

The different from Budget Hotel to Middle class Hotel is minor. All have good services value.
Kilimanjaro trekking routes are 6: Machame, Rongai, Marangu,shira,Lemosho and Umbwe
Most routes takes 6 days to climb to the Kilimanjaro summit. How ever some can be done on 5 days like Marangu route. We advise you take 6 days so that you get time to acclimatize to maximize your success rate.

We have daily departure through all routes. You can climb private in your party or join a group.

To join a group in 6 days it will cost 1160 US $ per person. While to climb private costs 1280 US $ per person.

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Hope you are gud! Kili climb can be anything from $1000 depending on your budget!
get intouch for more details
Hope you are gud! Kili climb can be anything from $1000 depending on your budget!
get intouch for more details
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