Looking for economical motels or hotels in Beijing, planning on travelling in Mid-October, thanks.


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


Hi, I suggest you check out Wide selection of hotels to good pricing.

Have a nice trip.
chect out beijing forum
if you would like to rent private car search for John Ping
Can you arrange a Hot Air Balloon trip for 2, in Beijing?
actually, you can go to "speed 8" or "home inn" or "7 days", all these will cost you about 200rmb.
and you can book it through (携程旅行网), and can check more details from this website as well.
most of foreigners will choose youth motel, you can also check from Ctrip:) there you will find more foreigners who came china for travel maybe you can share some experience, or find some friends:)

hope this is helpful. have a nice trip!
Hi! Thank you for your information.

I'd be very glad to help you book an inexpensive hotel where is located at Beijing city center Wangfujing Street, it's around 200 yuan for a single room.The place is close to the subway and convenient to go everywhere. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me, my website is: , my name is Sunny: email:
I just came back from Beijing.Referring to the economical hotels,I would recommend you dayly-rent room.And you also can choose youth hostel(the prices of some youth hostels can be bargained).But I would prefer the JinJiang hotel,because it's safe and not expensive.
Thank you all so much, you've been a great source of information and help.
I really appreciate your time and consideration.

Kind Regards,

Hi! There is a street in central town called Jiaodaokou South Street along which there are several local hotels, for example BoTai and the one very close to it whose name i can't remember. These are not hostels chains like super8, homeInn blah blah blah; but they are neat and cheap. They are less than 10 minutes walk to the subway line 5, 5 minutes walk from the NLGX hutong, 15 minutes walk from Houhai, 15 minutes walk from Wangfujing, around 14rmb cab fee from Sanlitun......
Service people here may speak a little English. But the price and location will undoubtly worth it.

I was born, growing up and now living in Beijing:)
well then I'll suggest you check in some famous chain hotels in China. Coz the services will be guaranteed and the expenses won't be any high. Particularly speaking, in Beijing, I recommend followed chain hotels (they are all 3-star standard):
1. GreenTree Inns Chain:
2. Home Inn:
3. Jinjiang Inn:
4. 7Days Inn: (it seems that this one doesn't have an english page but the contact ways are there.)
They are all over Beijing. So you don't need to worry about couldn't find them. And don't forget to clear the receptionist there that you are requiring a single room not a stardard room, coz that will help you to cut the spenses as well.
Hope you have a good time in Beijing.
Less than $100 is definitely easy - you can get some proper hotels for around that price if you hunt around, on elong or ctrip as per the other posters.

Also worth considering are hostels - in Beijing, many offer en-suite facilities with single / double bedrooms, and quality may be no worse than a cheap hotel chain. Sometimes better, depending where you go. Price approx RMB200 for private room.

Grandma's Kitchen (a western restaurant chain) also run a B&B at one of their newer restaurants - . If traveling for two, you can take up a two person "dorm", for well within your budget. Breakfast included.
Oh WoW!

Change of plans, I'll be in Beijing by first week of Sept 2009, and we are 2 travelers. From Beijing I'll be visiting other cities, but the thought of a Hot Air Balloon ride over Beijing is inviting, any ideas?

Thank you all, really, you guys are awesome!

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