Do I need avisa to visit Lithuania

Im a US citizen does Lithuania require us citizens to get tourist visas or what are details on that.. Never done this before


Country: Lithuania


No need for a VISA. As a US citizen you can stay in Lithuanian without VISA for three months. My daughter has US citizen, so she could come here without VISA.
US citizens do not need visas to enter Lithuania as visitors for stay up to 3 months within a 6-month period.
Hi! no visas are required for US citizens to visit Lithuania. Without a visa you may stay upto 90 days.
Have a valid health insurance and return tickets.

Here is a link to our embassy web page, you can contact them for more information:
I think here you find useful information.
No need for VISA, just have an active Passport, i think you will need paper of parents that they let you travel to lithuania if you are under 18.
hello, no you dont need a visa for lithuania anymore.. just the tickets and a health insurance will be the only required documents and u can stay here till 90 days, after that you have to apply for a residence permit with the local authorities, also you can visit poland within this time, because the rules are the same over there too..
have a nice time
Hi, if you are really from us you must to know that from US to Lithuania is the visa contract so must have a visa to visit our coutry, like i must to have a visa to visit your coutry :)
No need for visa :) wellcome to stay in our country for 3 months.
You already got the answers, so I just wish You to have a good time in Lithuania :)
hi, you don't need to have any visa if you want to visit Lithuania, but for few moths only :)
you are free to come to Lithuania without a Visa. Hope you'll do this and will enjoy your trip to Lithuania. Good luck!
yep, no need to have a visa;)
btw,if u need a guide,i'm the best option for ya:D contact me and we'll find what we can do;)
You don't need visa, you need to book good services in advance only:)
No. You don't need Visa to enter Lithuania. You can be there for three mouth without it
No need visa!!!
No, you don't need any visa. Welcome to Lithuania ;) In case you have any more questions, do not hesitate - just ask. ;)
Hi, If U are coming to Lithunia U do ot visas anymore :) so U can just come. :) this years it is also the capitila of Eurpoe.
No.You don`t need a visa going to Lithuania.
No.You don`t need a visa going to Lithuania.
Nah...dude, no visas...:-)

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