I will be moving to Lux soon as a student. I just wanted to know what nightlife is in Lux ?


City: Luxembourg

District: Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg



the place to go out in Luxembourg now are the Rives of Clausen. This place was an old brewery and since a few months , it's THE nighlife spot in Luxembourg, you have different bars with different themes and music etc etc

Here is the homepage : Homepage is still in development I think, there isn't much info. But just google Rives de clausen
there are a few discotheques (Melusina, Red Club, Byblos, ...), but luxembourgish nightlife is pubs with different themes in Clausen (a part of Luxembourg City): very nice pubs, good restaurants and party :)
The names are: King Wilma, Ikki, Verso, Trombar, ...
I would say that Luxembourg have bars and pubs (most of them english and german style), ideal for enjoy beers and rock or live music. You can find also upscale bars and clubs with disco and techno music. There's also a very important gastronomic culture, so good dinner is the usual start of a night out. People go out wednesday and thursday besides the week-end.

Next to those possibilities mentionned in the other answers a typical luxembourgish night out is to go to the "Baler" all around the country. A "Bal" is usually organised by a club or society that wants to get some money in its treasury. They organise a live band or a DJ, some disco light show and have a long night's party with drinks, dance and fun. Information about "Baler" you'll find on the internet under ; ; and many others or you observe the signs and posters along the bigger roads. For the bigger "Baler" you can sometimes even get a free bus shuttle to and from the "Bal"

I hope this was helpful, greetings:

Depending on what you are looking for there are many different options, theres the really posh side of luxembourg with very expensive bars and clubs (Secret garden, V.I.P. Room) where you will pay 6 or more euros for a beer.

There's also the "cheap" side with small bars and pubs, most of them in the city center (interview, lesters, colors, tube, art scence, companero etc..).

For a big night out I would suggest starting on one of those small pubs (you can also go down to the grund where there are more of this type of bars) and make your way to the rives de clausen where the big bars/clubs are.

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