I am currently in Canada and have never really been anywhere other than the central library and Pickering Town Centre. I may need a... from the station but I don't know how to get there and I haven't done any sightseeing. Please help, I want to check out a museum or two!


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Hi Aisha,
Welcome to Toronto, and hope you're enjoying your stay here.

Click on driving directions, input starting point and ending point, click ok, then it gives you options, route for walking, driving, or public transport, choose the public Transport option and click on ok. You'll get step by step directions.

Museums in Toronto (GTA)

From your query, I can't make out where your starting point will be. But if you're staying around Pickering, then you'll need to take a Go Bus or Train to Toronto Union Station, and then take the TTC (underground/tram rail car)to your destination.

GO Transit:

TTC Subway:

TTC Street Car / Tram:

Sorry I couldn't be much of an assistance.
If you know exactly what museum you'd like to see, then send me a mail, perhaps I could guide you further.

thanks sooo much. I don't know what museum either, but my starting point is close to pickering town centre. with all the info you sent me i shouldn't have any problems getting around.
No Prob.
Enjoy the evening.

There are a few museums in my area as well (Mississauga).
The easiest way to get into Toronto from Pickering is to take the GO train from Pickering Station to Union Station, or the GO bus from Pickering Town Centre to Yorkdale.

The best museums to see in Toronto are the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Both museums are easy to access by transit (TTC).

I hope that helps!

If you would like, you could join me for one of my free walking tours at 1pm Wednesdays - Sundays starting at Toronto City Hall (to see some of the city), then afterwards I can take you to either museum and show you around. My education is in anthropology and art, so I can make your museum or gallery visit personal and entertaining. My rate for private tours is listed.

Jason Kucherawy
Toronto Tour Guy
Hi. For more specialized museums, there's also the Bata Shoe Museum (just west of the ROM) which is a pretty fancy little museum devoted entirely to shoes thru the ages - fun for something different.

If you're into ceramics, there's also the Gardiner Museum across the street (just east) from the ROM, or the Textile Museum on Center Street, south of Dundas, near Toronto City Hall (also a great building architecturally to take a look at).

Don't forget to look around at neighborhoods, too - just west of the museums on Bloor is the Annex with lots of little eateries and fine old houses if you venture just north, and just east from the ROM and the few blocks north is Yorkville for great higher-end shopping.

Then head downtown to see the central business district, Chinatown, Kensington Market (tomorrow they have a streetfair in the afternoon), and Harbourfront area (entertainment area right by the lake) which has Canadian pop and folk acts on tonite at a beautiful open air stage.
Oh, and I forgot Queen St. W (west of University Ave) for funky shopping and dining, and King St. W, if you are into evening clubbing.
thanks everyone for the advice i guess the first step to learn is how to get out of pickering,lol. i think i will cut my vac short and pick up some of these activities when i return in dec/ jan.
I enjoy making friends on the go.
I wouldn't mind showing you around Toronto, no charge.

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