Nanny in Dubai???

Where I find Nanny in Dubai and how much I paying her salary a month??? Is ok if live with us, is ok if she go home.


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


you can find advertisement in the gulfnews newspaper here in dubai and they indicate either live in/out,and it depends if you can afford to pay for their visa,then they can stay with you or you can simply hire those who have visa already and can work only for hours/part time basis.So you have to decide for that,the salary vary from 1500-2000 Dirhams
yes that is good to know
its better for you to get one on your visa it will cost you to bring her about 7000 dhs and per month 650 dhs
If you're an expatriate, there is a fee of around Dhs5800 to get a live in nanny on your visa. Part-time maids are illegal and anyone employing them are liable. There are companies where you can hire a part-time legally for a few hours a day to the whole day.

There are several agencies who can provide you with nanny services. If you are looking for full time nanny, their salary is from 1,000 to 2,000Dhs (depending on the number of children and age) and for part-timers they are charging 25Dhs per hour.
well you can go through classified section in gulf news and khaleej times to locate few of them or can give a free advert in gulf news as well. can also be one of the sites where u can find people offering such services.

If you want to bring some one from your country you can also do that however for that there will a visa cost involve in it and a contract has to be issued between you and the person whom u r appointing. check the ministry of immigration for that.

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