Is it dangerous?


City: Mazatlan

State: Sinaloa

Country: Mexico


no monterrey is not dangerous normaly the places where you find some problems are those in which the people have the less opportunities to develop and they have a lower level of education also some conflictive areas around the metropolitan area have some drugs dealers issues because they fight for the territory but if you are not involved with those actions you should not be worring about
As with anywhere in the world, there are areas one just does not need to go to. No doubt there is a drug war occuring to control the front door to the largest consumer market in the world (ie. United States). This pretty much seems to be locatEd at the border region( Northern region). There are also turf wars. Therefore, if you swim with the sharks you will get bit, eventually. As I tell my guest and friends, go on vacation. Do activities. Dinners and nightclubs. Be aware of your surroundings (just as you would in your home home area) and absolutely stay away from the drugs. Drugs are illegal in Mexico. And the war against drugs has been ramped up recently with the support from USA. So, if you abide by local law, avoid shady areas and not get involved with drugs, YES, MEXICO IS QUITE SAFE!

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