I saw where there is a Tourist Submarine coming to Jamaica? Ocho Rios I believe. They are on Know anything of this?


City: Ocho Rios

Parish: Saint Ann

Country: Jamaica


No I am not familiar with it but if it is that would be a great asset to our tourism industry as long as it doesn't destroy our marine life or our coasts.
I am not aware of it, but if they are planning on it, then it won't be publicized until its finally here and operational. That would be a great idea as long as the functioning of it is quite efficient.I do know that the Cayman island has two or three and they are always busy with going under almost every day.Forgive me for not being able to assist..
No i'm not aware of such plan, i've done some research on your behalf and have not found any plans for such operation.
I looked at their website and I believe they will be opening their doors for business this spring in Ocho Rios. Sub-See Adventures is the company's name. There is a lot of expansion going on in town (airport, cruise ship terminal, new resorts) and this sounds like a great addition too. This is the type of thing that will make happy memories and have more people want to return.
I will cheak it out and see if it is authentic and environmentaly safe and send you back a message in a few days!!!
Yes.The sub should be operational by Feb. and open to tourists by March. It will be allowed to operate along the reef outside Ocho Rios as NEPA authority allows. As a commercial vessel it can travel along or outside coastal waters as engine and fuel configurations allow but commercially a reef tour and fish / shark viewing is the most viable. It's standing room only so don't expect a 'Hunt for Red October' experience.I saw it in Hawai and it sure beats the usuak glass bottomed boat rides over to the edge of the reefs.It will be lots of fun for all.
i am not aware of it but if thats the case it would be a good asset to us.

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