tour guide of singapore for two nights then three nights later on

Hi, I arrive in Singapore on 6 sept for two nights; then on Oct 23 I think for three nights. I've not been before; wondering how much it shall be to show me around..etc..?


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I am free to show you around on 6th or 7th Sept and in October too. I charge $S40 per hour for a walking tour.
There are many attractions, of which cost around $S20 each according to what you want to do or see, but i can arrange a walking tour where there would not be any additional costs other than my few. I would take you on public transport so you really get to see the place and hear how singaporeans and expats live here. If you are keen for me to show you around, please contact me.
I think you can go on themes.
For two days, you might want to do some shopping & sample local food in the city. +Sentosa
For three days, you might want to visit the various attractions such as Zoo, BridPark, Science Centre, Walking Tours. You can check out Geraldene Tours, she has very good walking tours of Singapore and she has a few themes such as the Black & White Houses, Cultural Walking tours like Chinatown, Malay Village etc.
Hope this helps.
There is more to Singapore than what is shown in TV or adverts.Interesting night-life, beautiful museums,interesting shopping malls,24hrs weekend movies to watch.I can take u around to see out different cultures any time.If you are interested ,u can send me more details of what u like to do and we came work something interesting out for u.

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