I'll be staying at the Garnd Diamond Hotel in Bangkok - nearest shopping center to the hotel?

What's the closest shopping center to the hotel where I'll be staying? Siam Paragon? MBK? Central world Plaza? Also, I saw a picture of a mcdonalds statue with praying hands, where can I find it as I wanrt to take a picture with it. Can I find it in a lot of mcdonalds chains in bangkok? Can you also give me shopping tips? places where i can buy the cheapest stuff? thanks a lot!!!! the one who replies with the most details will be chosen as best answer....


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Hi Cathi B
You are closest to the ( 5 minute walk ), Central World Plaza and the markets of Pratunam. The nearest skytrain stations are Rajthavee or Ploenchit.
You are close to most things as you are in the centre of the business district. Close to taxi meters and sky train.
MBK is really cheap for most things, you can bargin as well.
As for the statue with the praying hands, I think? all of them in Thailand Wai?
Happy holidays.
shopping mall that it's the nearest of your hotel is central world because your hotel in patunum area. then u can walk from skytrain bride to paragon ,siam square then you can use skytrain or walk to MBK as's very close area
You are minutes away from Central World. Siam Paragon is just a few blocks thereafter. You are within the Pratunam market place where you can find every type of clothing and accessories at bargai prices. The secret: always always ask for a discount before buying anything, even if they offer you a low price. There is always a lower price after that! Every McDonald's store in Thailand has Ronald doing the "wai." Enjoy your vacation!
your hotel is a really good can walk to all those shopping areas.the closest one is Pantip Plaza(where you can buy computer data IT,CD,all about computers,IT etc), Pratunam market(wholesale market and a lot of things around there,Not expensive and then you can walk a few minute to Platinum shopping mall and then you can walk to Central world Plaza or Siam Paragon,Siam square,Siam discovery and also MBK(MBK=Ma Boon Krong-Medium price.Good for shopping)but if you need a tour guide.I could be your tour guide.I live near Grand Diamond hotel,Baiyoke Sky II(the highest building in Bangkok)
Your hotel location is between Pantip Plaza (very good for computers, cameras and camcorders etc etc) and Platinum Fashion mall ( well priced attire stuff) on Ploenchit Rd. The closest (up market) mall is Central Plaza (walk out of your hotel, turn right, next intersection turn right again, get over the bridge across the khlong and you are there. If you want to continue to Paragon, Siam Centre, Discovery and finally MBK, exit Central Plaza on the other end (on the second floor) and take the Sky Walk (a pedestrian facility below the Sky Train, very nice and covinient above the infamous Bkk traffic, even in the heat and rain and directly enter all the malls.
McDonalds you find in almost all of these malls, mostly on the upper floors close to the Food Courts. MBK has the best prices (don't forget to bargain), however beware of fakes (gold, mobile phones, electronic stuff).
At present (until mid August) there is a photo show just outside Cental Plaza showing pictures of the ocean by a well-known French(?) photographer (sorry, have forgotten the name), very worthwhile to look at, it's free!
Shop, but not until you drop!
My answer is not talking about the "closest". however, you can go to many shopping malls depending on how you want to shop. If you want a budget shopping, go to "Platinum" or "Pratunam" (both sounds almost the same, so beware when pronouncing.) And 2 minutes walk from "Platinum", you'll find "Pantip Plaza". If you want to explore IT world, this is the best place in Bangkok.

OK, but if you want to go to a real shopping complex, go to Central World, Central Chitlom, Gaysorn Plaza, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, MBK. Don't be panic, all of them are nieghbors. (the price is not that attractive, almost the same as in other countries, however, there's a "Shop Marathon festival" until Sunday 19, all shops give you 50-80% discount ^^)

Oh! by the way, McDonalds are all around. No worries, Some shopping mall even have more than one outlets eg. MBK (you'll find THREE in there.) & if you want to take photos with McDonalds praying, I'm sure he's on Kaosan Road (foreigner's area). but I don't know if there's another one in any other area.

I hope this helps, good luck & have a good time in BKK.
Dear Kathy,

You've chosen a very good spot to stay because in every direction of your hotel you find a shopping mall.

have fun.

Hi, you've got most sound suggestions from fellow Localytes.
Eventually you may fancy an evening shopping at LUMPINI
NIGHT BAZAR from 6 pm onwards. Weekend market at CHATUCHAK
(Terminal). As for McDo's (KFC and many others to name)
you'll find them averywhere you just are ;-)))
There is a wholesale shopping mall next to the hotel that you are staying.Name of mall is Platinium Mall.Oppsite of Grand Diamond Hotel is the wholesale market.Walk all the way in,there are many shops and other wholesale mall call Indra Shopping center.
Central World Plaza is also nearby.The Macdonalds statue with praying hands can be found at the 2nd floor at central World Plaza Macdonalds.You can try to go to the weekend market for cheap items too.3 items and above are consider wholesale.Try to bargain.siam Paragon ,Central World is the high end shopping.U can try shoppiong at Bobay too which is nearby MBK.It's also a wholesale Mall.Big C supermarket which is oppsite central world Plaza is also cheap for items like shoes and clothes.Buying Bras in Bangkok is the cheapest.Get it from places like Isetan will do too.Get the Tourist discount from the information counter.can have 5% discount.From Paragon,U can also get the Tourist discount card from the information desk.
But would suggest you to go shopping at the wholesale mall first then to proceed to MBK.Things are still cheaper at the wholesale mall than at MBK.If u need IT stuffs,next to the left side of the Hotel is the IT mall.Cheap computer stuffs can be found there.On the right is the wholesale mall.Hope u have gotton lots of info on Bangkok shopping!!!
All of the other replies cover all your questions really, but my advice would be to travel around on the skytrain. Most of these big department malls have walkways linking them to the skytrain stations,and it's fast and cool. Also you can venture a little further along the Sukhumvit line (where most of them are located) and go to the EMPORIUM shopping store. PS: The food hall at the top of MBK is good for lunch, food from all over the world. Jim
Closest shoping center is central world plaza.
Mc donalds shows the symbol of welcoming, Not praying.

In the below markets you can get cheap items if u buy atleast 3 set every items.
Chatuchak Market (JJ)
Pratunam Market
Yaowarat or China Town
Sampeng Wholesale Market
Bobae Wholesale Market.
Indra market near bioke tower.

Good day.
your hotel is locate in the shopping center ( ) , central is nice large choice of shop, brand names... but if looking for something cheap there is platinum mall right next to your hotel and Panthip for cpu goods, MBK it's quiet cheap too but you will need to take BTS or tuk-tuk for fun for Ronald praying (actually "wai" thaigreeting) you can find it in most of Mc Donalds. You can find one on the main road of Central world, under BTS line.
Have a nice trip

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