I am in Kiev and i have not gone to a nightclub or bar, because 1) i speak no russian and 2) i am not sure if is safe, should i go?.

Everytime i walk in front of those places i see a lot of security men, i just wonder if its safe.


Oblasti: Kiev

Country: Ukraine


if you choose nightclub in city center, not on borders, its safe enough. in most clubs in the city center are working englush-speaking stuff.
What club u wanna go ? If it in the centre of Kiev its ok )) and Safe ))) Have fun ! So good weather )) And we have so much places to go ))
In most of good public places you will find many english speaking people, but still you should be aware of women scammers, who can seduce you and try to get money out of you by asking to buy clothes or shoes etc. on the first (second) day of the date. In any case, it is safe enough if you feel relaxed and just prudent.
security at the club doors mean its the place where its safe! they dont allow drunk guys in, ppl under 18 yo, dressed in sports wear etc
My advice is you sould get an escort - if you wann ahve nice time and not loose yr $)))
The girl will help you with language, transport, restaurants and clubs
Have nice stay in Kyiv))0
it's safe my friend, go ahead.
just choose a place with really nice doors somewhere in the downtown, and have no fear :)
Dont be suprised. It is normal to be checked by security men. It means, this place is safe!
If there is sercurity, that means that WITHIN the club it is safe.
But be aware, when you get out of the club in the middle of the night !
My advice: Get some phone-numbers of some taxidrivers, that works through the night, and order a taxi DIRECTLY to the club. Or ask the bartender to do so !
So you will get home to your hotel safely…
If you pass face control with these nice strong educated guys - you are eligible to enter and safe.

If you are drunk tire-kicker dressed in slippers and torn jeans, maybe you should double-think and stay home.

1) in Shooters for instance, you don't need to speak Russian, Just be "an English Gentleman". Talk to English stuff, Robert McNeil, Irish Manager, for instance. He will update you on what you can and can't do in the club.
well, it's pretty safe. but sometimes when you are out on your way home you may run across thiefs. So, any time you need any help let me know:
Dear Friend!
Of course, you should go to a good night clud in the centre. This is as dangerous as a walk in the park during the daytime;-) But you`ll have a great night, this city is real good fun! Let me recommend you DeLux on Friday or Saturday.
have fun in Kiev)
Most of clubs are safe. Just watch out for scammers who target foreigners. Stay away from those gals. Shooters, PatiPa, Arena, Vodka Bar - are foreigners friendly. On the high end are such clubs as DeLux. I would also suggest you to visit Rio strip club. Lots of fun. One of the hottest places. Write me for directions. Have a nice stay.
What club u wanna go ? If it in the centre of Kiev its ok )) and Safe ))) Have fun ! So good weather )) And we have so much places to go ))
Look here a list of the best Night clubs, all of them located in the city center
U must be joking!! Of course it is safe to go clubbing and pibbing. I mean Kiev isn't Kabul or sth! :) It's just about as safe as getting out in other cities around the world. And u don't necessarily need to speak Russian. Waiting staff in good places speak English. Most places have English menus, too.
Places like Shooters (on 22 Moskovskaya Street) teem with foreigners who don't speak any Russian just like u.
U can also try Crystall Hall and DeLuxe - these are more expensive though.
There're also ,any good places to dine out and sing karaoke, for instance. Like "Opera" - right next to the Opera House on Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street. Or "Just Cafe" - down the same street, near The Opera Hotel*****.
If u like fusion cuisine, definitely try Buddha Bar on Khreshchatik (Kiev's main street), near The Dnipro Hotel. The food there is really great. And excellent service and atmosphere. They also have a pretty cool lounge bar upstairs.
Anyway, there are many good places in Kiev where u can dine out, enjoy a couple of drinks and have fun.
Don't hesitate - get out and enjoy yourself!
Sure, you should go! Don't pay for girls which just wanna your money to get drinks)
Just be carefull if you will go there alone.
Have a great night!
I think you've got to be a bit more ballsy man. I intend on visiting Kiev. I hope to overcome the language barrier and have a good time with the locals. I reckon you do the same. Every place has insecurities but getting out and living it up is a better option. Good luck to you mate.

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