Cruising to new Falmouth port in April and wondering what there is to do for a family of 5 that won't cost me hundreds of $?

Looking for a nice Jamaican experience but have $ and time (1 day) limitations. Also with Falmouth being a new port (not even open yet) I am not finding much info about the area.


City: Falmouth

Parish: Trelawny

Country: Jamaica


Falmouth is an Historic town with very rich history. There are several walking tours to choose from and your kids will benifit from the knowledge they will gain.For fun and excitement their is rafting on the Martha Brae River or should you choose to go for a drive through the country side, the sites and the people will make your day.
Falmouth is the capital of Trelwany, it is home to the world fastest man-Usain Bolt and 2 times Olympic Champion Veronica Campbell-Brown with its historical site infront of the port. In close proximity to the port is the busy street of Falmouth. A very nice place to visit that is clsoe to Falmouth is Scotchies- for some real Jamaican jerk. Since you are going to be around for a day you could take a trip to Outameni experience just a bit outside of Trelawny but not too far for a great experience of Jamaica history, culture, dance and fun.A bit further will talk you to Green Gratto cave and other historiacal site like Columbus park which you can do in a day. Well have fun when u come and visit any of the sites mention you have a great time!!!

My Family are opening their Tourism Destination,

where they will have tours operated by:

There will be lots to do there.

Its also a Great House offering lunches and a property experience...

Its going to be great .
Welcome to Jamaica.

You can go to Outameni which is a historical drama and entertainment attraction. You will be near to Montego Bay where there are more things to do such as Mystic Mountain for the kids and yourself. Dolphin Cove, Walking around the town of Falmouth is a historical tour in itself. There is rafting on the Martha Brae. since it is one day Historical walking tour you can do that or Outameni Experience is the other. You would have to book your experience before you arrive so that they can organize a bus tour there.
There is much more to offer around Ocho Rios which is about an hour away from Falmouth
as per your question asked.. in that same area u have the martha Brae river where un can enjoy rafting up the river, also you have the outameni attraction in that same area where once u go there , a whole lot of fun and entertainment that you will not regret and also there are a lots of restaurants with sucuculent dishes and a large varities that you can chose from and will be able to dont worry come on down our wonderful tour guides will there to make your dreams come through........
Hi falmouth is an historic area where you can know more historic facts about jamaica. It is also the home town of the fastest man in the wold,usain bolt and veronica campbell you will meet nice people there
since you are a family one of the best attraction to enjoy would be to visit the outameni experience, they offer lots of experience about the jamaican culture and activities for the whole family. this place has lots of rich history and a spectacular view. also you could take a trip and raft along the river of the martha brae. that is the most relaxing thing to do.
also if you need someonr to show you a round you can ger in contact with me

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