i plan a short trip to bruxelles and amsterdam and i need help. i have 10 hours in amsterdam. what should i see?

i don't have mush time, 6 hours in bruxelles and 10 hours in amsterdam. i need to know what i sholdn't miss.


Country: Netherlands


If I were you, I would decide just to visit one city. My hart goes out to BRU not AMS, but maybe that's because I live in the South of NL, which is really close to the Belgium border. The Grand Square in Brussels is stunning, buy chocolate, try the famous Belgian beers (Orval is really nice, according to my boyfriend), and you can decide to see some marvelous Art Deco buildings, or have a coffee in style at the Hotel Metropole (I stayed there two years ago, fabulous!).

But if you wanne combine, in AMS I always like taking a boattrip along the canals (you can hop on one of them just outside the Central Station), the Anne Frank House (check the website, so you can buy tickets in advance, saves you a lot of time). And the flower market along the canal is alway visit worthy.

I hope I have informed you well enough, if you have other questions left, or want more detalis, feel free to contact me! Have a nice time!
to see the most of both cities you should hire a private guide and then you're sure you don't miss anything. I can recommend Comfort Tours private guiding: . Ingrid
Take a look at my suggested itineraries on for lots of suggestions. It really depends what you like. I think a good mix would be, walk to the Anne Frank House along the old canals, eat a pancake for lunch just a few doors down, then circle back into the Dam Square, back towards central station through the red light district, and finish for an afternoon drink, sampling some dutch gin (Jenever) or beer in 't Aapje on Zeedijk 1. It's the oldest bar in Amsterdam, and one of only a couple of original wooden buildings.

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