Kindly some one can provide the contact number of an average hotel, apartment in muscut for one or two nights for five adults and two... Not very expensive but reasonable.


Country: Oman


Muscat International Hotel

00968- 24487958
Well, there are lots of in a similar rate category...Which area would you like to go?

Beach Hotel: 00968-24696601
Hala Hotel Apartments: 00968-24810442
Hotel Golden Oasis: 00968-24811655
Treasurebox Hotel: 00968-24502570
Try Hotel Aston behind the Zuwawi mosque in Al Khuwair. Right in the heart of town. You could negotiate a double bedroom suite for OMR 25 (Card rate is around OMR 35/ night). Contact number is +968 2448 7330

If you don't like it there are more than a few in the nearby area.

Best of luck.

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