I would like to visit Accompong when I am in Jamaica in September. I am looking for a safe driver/tour guide to take us from Negril...


City: Accompong

Parish: Saint Elizabeth

Country: Jamaica


let me know when you get here and I'll arange your tour
We offer a well informed tour and friendly experience, accross the Island
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im sorry but I will be in the UK then, if you were going to be there in December I would have only too happy to accommpany you on your trip. My husband is in Europe at that time so I am unable to refer you to him either. I do hope you can find someone, if not I could recommend a friend who I know will be informative, knowledgable and safe. If you would like this let me know and I will arrange it.
That is not very hard to find. You can either get one of the tour companies but those are kind of expensive or you can have one of us arrange a driver for you that is both safe and affordable.

Enjoy jamaica when you get here.
Mo Bay to Negril is approximately 1 hour by car and I will be happy to serve as Tour Guide and Driver for you in September to take you to Accompong.


There is a driver in Negril that I use who is safe, reliable, punctual and honest. His name is Tyrone and his numbers are: 290-1466 or 796-7689. Enjoy your trip!
i offer a comprehensive tour of maroon culture and history.if you are interested in this indigenous culture of jamaica you must contact me:.
Feel Free to ask any questions as they arise.

Hey my name is Rayneesh and I'm from st. Elizabeth but live in Montego bay, I know a lot of people in Maroon Town//Accompong Town coming down to Kensington Cultural site, you tell me what you want and i will grantee you that you will get it. I will even make arrangement for you to meet the Chief in Maroon Town and show you the final resting place for some of the slave to fought with Nanny of the Maroon. You can contact me at +1876-487-0448 and I don't mind the time cause I am flexible.
Hi I have my own 10 seat Hiace and have many friends in Accompong.Call me at 876-422-5600.I love the place so my rates reflect that

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Negril is our home base and Accompong is one of fave destinations. Enjoy a personalized tour and the best vacation with for under $150 per day.

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