Exactly what clothing for Iceland trip

It will be late October, and I'd like specific suggestions on suitable clothing. I need to know what temperature is average at that time of year and brands/types of of chlothing is reccomended, Thank you


Country: Iceland


Weather in Iceland is changing very fast. When i was traveling in the beginning of october i wore ski jacket and boots. Temperature is not so low..probably around 5 C but i s extremely windy. Clothes need to be waterproof ( all the time rain and humidity waterfalls areas..). The most famous Icelandic companies are 66 North or Cintamani. You will find there sth. for you.

Icewear, 66°N, Cintamani are Icelandic brands who are good. Temperatures in Reykjvik in october may vary from -3°C up to 10°C so it's not that dramatic. Best is to wear layers so you can just peel off or add as the weather is constantly changing..
Hi there. in extreme the wether can be somewhere from -15 to + 15, and frome still sunny day to snowstorm 25m/s.
66N is very good brand for all kinds of icelandic weather
you dont have to buy the expencive brands, just warm and waterproof is good enough!
if you planing walk even short 2-4hour trips to the mountain(glymur,reykjadalur...)then you need water-wind proof jacket,pants good hiking or trekking shoes ,you need that even in summer,some wool sweater and underpants .do not forget about cover for your head and hands ,i prefer wool.
You should wear three layers at least and fleece or wool next to your body. Wear sturdy shoes and thick socks. Average temparature in winter is 0 degrees C / 32 degrees F. However the wind can make it feel a lot lot colder!

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