Where is the best places to buy leather products at a good price?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Go to Murillo St. It´s in Villa Crespo (Malabia Station, subway "B"). It´s the best place to buy leather stuff. Many shops, good prices. Florida St. is waaaaaaaaay more expensive.
You can go at 600 Murillo St, starting from Scalabrini Ortiz, you have three block with a lot of leather stuf shops
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in witch cantry? it cost les in egypt and sudan
Buenos Aires has several out lets in the City, but, personally I prefer the tourist area of Florida Street, and Plaza San Martin, right in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires. Why, well first you have one shop next to the others, it’s a top notch area, completion is tough so they will give you always a good price if you ask! They can make anything in less than 24 hours and have it delivered to your Hotel. Just in case you dint see anything that you liked,. But, with so many shops and items you will see and find one to fit you like a glove! Leather is of great quality! Anyway, if you are looking for whole sale or bulk purchases, go direct to the manufactures; they are all over the City and Gran Buenos Aires. I know as I have been exporting handbags and leather items to the US of A and soon to Scotland, UK
It depends on what you want to buy.
For general leather stuff Murillo Street, near Malabia subway station, as the other answers say, is really good.
If you want special design, tailor made leather products, I also highly recommend Casa Lopez
Finally, for women, leather purses at Prune ar to die for!

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