im going to edinburgh on sat 18th december,where is the best place to go for pubs and clubs for over 40s


City: Edinburgh

Constituent state: Scotland

Country: United Kingdom


Hi there.
The only thing I can say to you is to read it on the net. Here is a link to a site which has reviews about pubs and clubs in Edinburgh.
I was there 10 years ago and sure many things changed.
Enjoy your stay and hope this helped you.

Hi, the place to avoid is the Grass Market as it is full of stag and hen partys really loud and busy. The best places I think is definate George Street and the surrounding area, it is a lot more classy and a definate for the older crowd. There are some pubs and clubs up Lothian road area as well. Have a nice stay.
The New Town has many posh pubs/bars that are hot spots for professionals in their mid-30s, 40s and above. I agree, George Street is a particularly nice and trendy area for adults in your age range:

You should also try the Theatre Royal Bar, Malt Shovel and the Doric Tavern. Here's a guide to some of the best pubs in Edinburgh:

P.S. While the Grassmarket is popular for hen and stag nights, the traditional pubs there are still worth visiting.

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