May I know what will the weather to be like around mid-April at Hanoi? Will it be the rainy season as mentioned?

I am planning to travel during that period (around 9 - 15 April).


City: Hanoi

Municipality: Ha Noi

Country: Vietnam


The average themeratures are max 28 , min 23 , You can expect 14 rainy days
it will be hot that time but not so hot.
It will be both sunny and rainy. The temperature will be quite high but not so severe. If you visit Hanoi this time, it will be great to feel the change in the weather. Have a good time here. Welcome to Hanoi!!! ^^
In Ha Noi, it is a beautiful time of year - it's Spring and it will likely be warm but not hot. About 30 degrees at the most. It's a beautiful time to visit. I don't think that it is a particularly "rainy" time. At most you would need a light jacket or sweater and if it rains, you can buy a rain poncho thing for 2 dollars just about any place - even en route through the city - people just park under a bridge and out comes someone selling them. Enjoy your visit!
Mid-April is the end of the dry season, not much rainning yet. The weather is pretty warm around 23 - 25 degree C - great time for some adventure sports like kayaking, trekking and mountain biking...Welcome to Vietnam!
Mid-april will be the end of winter( dry season) and prepare to start the summer( rainy season). Sometime, It could be a bit cold, hot but mostly It could be warm, around 18-28 oc. Welcome to Hanoi.
It will be Spring at that period so the weather will be cool and wet, not much rainy
It's spring season. The weather is wet but warm enough for you foreigner. It is not rainy so much. You still can see our blossom flower, and a lot of kind of flowers.... Should be nice in Hanoi this time.
Luckily in april still have some rainy days so the air is a bit more clean than later on in th year. Bring beside raincoat breathing protection, and yellow coulored glasses to make you more aware of dangerous traffic. then enjoy
In Ha Noi, it is a beautiful time of year - it's Spring and it will likely be warm but not hot. About 30 degrees at the most. It's a beautiful time to visit. I don't think that it is a particularly "rainy" time
April is a good time for traveling to Hanoi if you like to feel the different of the weather. It's same same like this time (Oct- Nov): not too Hot, not too cold. In the morning or evening, you will see people with Coats, Scarfs, Winter clothes.. but at lunch, everything seems be changed under the sun.Sometimes it's drizzle or rain but don't worried, Just take a light waterproof coat or an umbrella or a light raincoat (for 01 time, abt 5,000 to 20,000VND/1pcs)
This is time to change from Spring to Summer.

As several years, the weather's trend is hotter and If you're familiar with cold weather ( under 10, minus...) Hanoi's weather in April or Oct-Nov is very very nice!
Normally, July & August are the most rainy months in the year but at the South region (HCM city) April is starting time of rainy season as mentioned.
Wish some information will helpful for you trip. See you in Hanoi :)
The weather will be nice at that time, not hot, not cold, you should come and enjoy.
Everyone gave you the great comments. However the weather in Hanoi as well as in Vietnam is really different this year because of the Climate change. Thus, you should ask this question again a few days before your trip.
Dear sir/Ma'am for tour in Nepal best time is July to February.April is not good for tour.
Hi there,

On the time you arrive in Hanoi ( 9th- 15th, April). The weather in Hanoi is summer. So, it is very hot ( about 35 degree). At that time, it is not high season. So, You can get everything cheaper than normal. If you want to know more about hanoi, you can email to me at any time.
Lovely spring time in Hanoi. Hanoi has 4 seasons, not rainy and dry season as in the south ...
It will be raining, but just small rain, something between a fog and a rain. You may feel this weather is a bit awkward at first, probably everything is wet all day, or your clothes might never be dry (my advice is to refrain from washing clothes too often ;)) But you will find Hanoi very beautiful at that time, especially in the evening, the road lights in the fog will give Hanoi an ethereal atmosphere, very cool! And also the weather often changes, some days hot and then some days cool. So, come to Hanoi and enjoy your time here!
The weather in mid-April is nearly end of Spring (the degrees is around 25 degrees C. It's not really rainy season but the weather in April is great for travelling. See you there
it's good to stay in Hanoi at that time. it's neither hot nor cold. March, not April, is the rainy month, so dont worry this much about rain. Instead, there's tons of things you should pay attention to, e.g., Hanoi food & drink culture, beauty spots,etc. :D However, u should bring an umbrella as well as thin wind breaker when going out. Better safe than sorry :)
I't might be cool and rainy a litter. But almost nice weather because that when summer coming near by. But no one can predict the weather :D enjoy and feel free to come :D
9-15 April, the weather is very hot. I always wear shorts and t-shirt.
U should bring your hat and maybe an umbrella to pretend sun shining
hey, what you guy talking about, he's asking about HN, and if you ignore the last TET holiday, the weather in mid-spring in VN is often cold and rainy. In vietnam's traditional belief, rain in TET holiday is lucky rain, it comes with gift from Laozhien (Mr.Sky :)) ), remember?

However, I recommend you come to VN in the time of TET Holiday, it seem to be the warm and fuzzy time of year here. Those days, people live slower, more concern about others, buy more and the street everywhere hang beautiful lights.

It's the rainy season, mostly, but last years, they say it's from the greenhouse effect to be freaking hot, some forest in north-west of vietnam (the region that is famous with the cold-all-year-lone weather) is completely burned, so it's really hard to say for this year.

Good luck!

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