what is the easiest way to travel to Vorajak market from Pratunam ?. I will be staying at First Hotel, close to panthip plaza


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Are you sure you mean "Vorajak" and not "Chatuchak"? If it is "Chatuchak": Get down to "Siam Square" and take sky train to "Mo Chit" (terminal station) and walk or take took-took to market. If it is indeed "Vorajak", I have to pass, sorry!
Addition to my answer: there is a "Vorajak" market in Chiangmai. Could it be that you have mixed up "Vorajak" with "Chatuchak"?
Take it easy!
Taxi Meter is the only reliable way to go and have the meter running please.
Vorajak market is about 3-4 KM from First Hotel on Petchaburi. Best way to get there is by taxi. Cross the road first because you need to go in the other direction.

have fun!

Well done dude, one never finishes up learning!
All the best!
Voraj market? Hmmmm, that's a new one on me!
Still.... you have been given all the info you need!
What's special about it????
just take a bus no.40 from central world at the bus stop near police hospital. that's it and drop and china town from there you can go to Vorajak easily
very easy way to get there. u just take the taxi to vorajak market. it's not quite far but better not walking there. what u would like to buy at that market ? if u would like to buy clothes, i think at pratuname market & platinum have many choice for u to choose :)
if u mean for the vorajak market where is near the Palace Hotel u get taxi. but if u mean for jatujak market (or called Bo-Bae Market), u can take sky train to mochit station.
sorry i think i made mistake on the name of the market. vorajak market is not far from china town. and Bo-Bea market is at the Prince Palace Hotel.

i'm sorry for my confusion. but now is correct.
What is special at Vorajak market ? Never hear of it, actually for Chachujak it a bite of everything, Platinum mall got a lot of clothes and cheap if you buy few pieces.
Another question Bobee Market...? Is it near a pier? and what is the good deal there? I've hear there was a lot of good deal for electronics but not always legal.... coudl you lighthen me
Kob khun krub
Vorajak/Vorachak or Worachak market is the mecca of automobiles parts. but you got to go there on a saturday(best day) evening by 5.30pm. That's when they start putting up the market around that Worachak building. The best way is taking a taxi...should not be more than 80-100 depending on traffic....make sure the meter is on....

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